ZM400/ZM600 User Guide

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The users guide contains printer setup, operation, and routine maintenance instructions. Read More>>


The User Guide Index

 Printer Setup
 • Before You begin
 • Handling the Printer
 • Select a Site for the Printer
 • Select a Data Communication Interface
 • Connect the Printer to a Power Source
 • Types of Media
 • Ribbon Overview

 • Print Modes and Printer Options
 • Load Media
 • Load Ribbon
 • Calibrate the Printer
 • Adjust the Printhead Pressure
 • Setup Mode
 • Change Password-Protected Parameters
 • Print a Configuration Label
 • Print a Network Configuration Label
 • Standard Control Panel Parameters
 • Additional Control Panel Parameters
 Routine Maintenance 

 • Replacing Printer Components
 • Lubrication
 • Cleaning Schedule and Procedures
 • Routine Maintenance for the Rewind Option
 • Troubleshooting Checklists
 • LCD Error Messages
 • Print Quality Problems
 • Calibration Problems
 • Communications Problems
 • Ribbon Problems
 • RFID Problems
 • Miscellaneous Printer Problems 

  Printer Diagnostics
 • Power On Self Test
 • CANCEL Self Test 
 • PAUSE Self Test
 • FEED Self Test
 • FEED PAUSE Self Test
 • Communications Diagnostics Test 
 • Sensor Profile
 • General Specifications
 • Printing Specifications
 • Media Specifications
 • Ribbon Specifications
 • Printer Options

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