ZP Series -- Calibrating the Printer

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CALIBRATION: Ensures correct and consistent positioning of print on the label and the label in the printer. 

Applies To

ZP Series Shipping Printers


Symptoms addressed by this solution include:

    • Prints, then skips a label or is skipping labels 
    • Print position is drifting up and down on the labels
    • Labels stopping in random locations
    • Feed Button (Status Light) is flashing red and the printhead is closed

Calibration is recommended whenever you experience one of the above symptom. 

The printer is designed for the single purpose printing of shipping labels for the UPS Worldship (ZP450) or Fed Ex Shipping  (ZP500) applications. Assure you are using the correct labels and driver specified by the shipping vendor.

Calibrating the printer

1. Load the printer with the labels for your application Read More>>

2. Power on the printer.

3. Press and hold the Feed Button until it flashes two times then release it. Read More>>

4. Allow the printer to complete feeding labels and printing a sensor profile.

5. The printer should now be calibrated. Press the feed key and one label should be issued each time.

Additional Information

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