ZPL is being sent with the Apple iOS Zebra SDK communicating with the QLn

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The QLn printer understands ZPL by default but can also use CPCL or line print mode.

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Zebra QLn Series Mobile Printers (non-Healthcare models)

Healthcare Qlns do not support CPCL out of the box but using the SetGetDo device.languages command can be configured similar to the standard QLn.


The QLn printer (Healthcare QLn by default is not configured for CPCL support) understands ZPL by default but can also use CPCL or line print mode.  If one uses source code in the iOS developed program that utilizes the ZebraPrinterFactory, one may notice that ZPL is being sent to the QLn printer. 

Example:  printer = [ZebraPrinterFactory getInstance:thePrinterConn error:&error];

One can force the developed program to use CPCL by making a change to this line of code.  

Example:  printer = [ZebraPrinterFactory getInstance:thePrinterConn withPrinterLanguage:PRINTER_LANGUAGE_CPCL];

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