ZT400 Print Station only prompts for quantity, not variable input data

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Printer does not prompt for variable data input when using the Host Port externally connected USB Keyboard.

Applies To

ZebraDesigner v2 and the use of the ZT400 Print Station option with USB connected keyboard

Cause or Overview

It is common to use a Label Design Program such as ZebraDesigner to develop stored formats used as printer templates for “on demand” data entry at print time. For these applications the printer uses the KDU (Keyboard Display Unit) or if available, a keyboard connected to the USB Host connector (ZT400 printer). The stored format contains prompts for input and then prints the label. 

Note: If a graphic is part of the stored form assure that "Use ZIP Compression" is unchecked. Read More>>
An issue has been identified where the printer fails to prompt for the variable data due to the inclusion of formatting commands in the ZebraDesigner created stored formats. (This only affects the use of a keyboard connected to the USB Host Port). When attempting to access a stored label format the display will only prompt for quantity to be printed and not keyboard input prompts. Removing these commands corrects this issue.


When attempting to access a stored label format containing variable keyboard input using a USB keyboard into USB host port, the display will only prompt for quantity to be printed and not keyboard input prompts. 

The solution is to set the software to "Use Printer Settings".  See instructions below:

  1. Develop your label according to your label specifications including your variable keyboard input text fields and/or barcode fields.
  2. Before exporting to printer click the FILE dropdown and select "Printer Settings"
    User-added image
  3. Click the Advanced Setup tab and check the "Use Printer Settings" tab
    User-added image
  4. You can then select the "Export to Printer" option to send the label format to the printer
  5. After the file is exported, you can connect your USB keyboard to the printer and through the menu access the Tools parameter and scroll to Print Station.  This parameter should find your stored format and you can select it to allow for input of variable data using USB keyboard.

If issues persist beyond this point, make sure no additional data is being added to the label format before being sent to the printer for storage. 

If you are using a KDU, KDU Plus, or ZKDU keyboard unit rather than a USB keyboard into the USB host port you should not have to perform the above actions as it will still recall the variable input data fields.

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