ZD620 Alert: Ribbon Not Expected

Alert: Ribbon In

Description: A print command has been sent to the printer and it is in Direct Thermal Mode with Ribbon installed. 

Note • The printer has two different heat settings - one for Direct Thermal and one for Thermal Transfer. They are designed to have equivalent print density/darkness at the same setting level.

Possible Cause - 1: There is a Ribbon Cartridge in the printer while the printer is set to Direct Thermal Mode (and printing on direct thermal media).

Resolution: Remove the ribbon cartridge from the printer without turning the printer OFF. Close the printer. You may need to press the FEED button once or the PAUSE button the get the printer to resume your print operation.

Possible Cause - 2: The printer is incorrectly set to Direct Thermal Mode when you are trying to print using Transfer Media and Ribbon Cartridge to print.

Resolution: Change the PRINT METHOD to THERMAL TRANS (Thermal Transfer) mode. The print format/form send for this print job may have Direct Thermal mode set with a ^MTD set instead of ^MTT. See the ZPL Programmer’s Manual for details on printer programming.

To change this setting:
1 - Use the printer’s LCD user interface (if present) to change the setting. See PRINT METHOD in Printer Configuration Menus chapter.