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MC2100 Platform SDK Version 1.0 Release Notes


Thank you for selecting Zebra Technologies as your mobility solution tool provider. The "Windows CE Professional Platform SDK v1.0 for MC2100c60B" provides the tools necessary for creating standard C/C++ applications for the MC2100 running Windows CE v6.0 Professional.

Please note that although this Platform SDK can be used to develop standard Windows CE applications, it does not provide support for the Zebra Symbol Value­Add APIs, such as those used to implement scanning applications. To access the Zebra Symbol API, this kit must be used in conjunction with EMDK for C, which is available for download from the Zebra Developer Community.

Release Notes

Version 1.0

1. Initial Release for Rev A

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Zebra devices.


 Operating System


 Windows CE 6.0 Professional


1.  21x0c60BenPS010007.exe ­ PSDK Installation without UI

2.  21x0c60BenPS010008.exe ­ PSDK Installation with UI


The components are installed in the following folder:



 Platform Files

 \Program Files\Windows CE Tools\wce600\Zebra MC2100C60 Windows   CE6.0 Professional PSDK\

Installation Instructions

The following software packages must be installed prior to the installation of the Platform SDK for MC2100c60 Professional. Most are available as a download from Microsoft’s website.

· Microsoft Windows 2000,Windows XP or Windows Vista Operating Systems

· Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 or higher.

· Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 with SP1 or Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.


Before installing any version of the MC2100c60 Professional PSDK, please uninstall any earlier versions of the same.

MC2100c60 Professional PSDK installation process fails if Microsoft Visual Sudio 2005 is installed together with Visual Sudio 2008 on the same PC.

Known issue: PSDK Installation without UI is the standard PSDK release. On some PC configurations PSDK without UI fails to install properly. To resolve this issue, use the PSDK Installation package with UI and select the 'Custom Install' button on the opening screen of the installer and then deselect 'Documentation'.

Once this package has been installed, Microsoft Visual Studio IDE will contain a new selection for the Zebra MC2100c60 Windows CE6.0 Professional PSDK in the "Build­>Configuration Manager" menu field. This entry must be selected when creating and debugging applications for MC2100 Professional device.

Part Number and Release Date



January 10, 2014