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MC36 SDK Version 1.40 Release Notes


MC36 mobile computer device is a value­tiered rugged data capture terminal for the Asia market, specifically China. The MC36 offers dual SIM card slots so enterprise organizations can ensure connectivity for workers that travel large territories with areas better served by different networks. The target carriers in China are China Mobile (TD­SCDMA) and China Unicom (WCDMA).

MC36 is a ruggedized device based on Android for the enterprise market that blends the capabilities of a smart phone with those of a traditional enterprise PDA.
MC36 has a number of enterprise­grade features, including a touch­screen that can be used with gloves, barcode capture capability and IP65 rating for dust and water protection. and is designed for a longer lifecycle than the typical smart phone.

With MC36 the workers can capture practically any type of data — from bar codes to photos, videos and NFC — improving on the job efficiency and customer service.
And with a drop, tumble and environmental sealing specification you can count on, it has the durability required to serve your field workers for years.


1.  Kit Kat 4.4.2

2.  Kernel v2.4.6

3.  Scanning Framework 1.0.1

Contents – Android SDK add­on for using MC36 supported APIs

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following devices.


Operating System


KitKat 4.4.2

Installation Requirements

This SW is intended for the MC36 device and should be installed together with Android SDK and Eclipse (or Android Studio)

Installation Instructions

- Make sure the Android SDK and Eclipse are installed.

- Extract “” will generate “symbol_sdk_api_addon­19.2.2”

- Move “symbol_sdk_api_addon­19.2.2” to “add­ons” folder of Android SDK Installation folder

- Open Android SDK Manager to check if MC36 SDK add­on is installed
  (Should be an item named “Symbol Add­On” as a sub­item of “Android 4.4.2(API19)”

Part Number and Release Date

October 26, 2015