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MC45 SDK for .NET Version 0.4 Release Notes


The SDK for .NET provides developers with the tools necessary to create C# and VB.NET managed applications for enterprise mobility devices from. These tools include class libraries, sample applications, and associated documentation. SDK for .NET allows Microsoft® .NET Compact Framework developers to programmatically access the enterprise mobility features on the devices.


This SDK release contains delivery of following components:

·         NFCDemo (NFC C# sample application and wrapper dll)

·         Package install (stack dlls, wrapper NFCDevice.dll, application installer cab file)

·         MC45_NFC_.Net_Developer_Guide.doc


The installation package includes following components:

·   CSharpNFCDemo

-   MSI NFC demo application, C# based source code which uses the wrapper dll.

-   MSI NFC demo installer (In Application folder)


·   Package install

-   NFC stack dlls, demo application cab file

-   NfcDevice.dll, Wrapper dll

-   MSINFCStack_V4.0: Package install cab file


·   MC45_NFC_.Net_Developer_Guide.doc

-   Details of classes, methods and programming steps.

Installation Procedure (to MC45-NFC)

·         Install file on device, new dlls will be copied to windows folder. Reboot the device, updated NFC stack gets loaded at the boot time.

·         NFCDemo application installer is available for installation in Application folder after is executed.

·         Referring to C# wrapper NFC demo application source code included in the package, developer can write custom application or can modify existing one.

Installation Check

1.  Create instance of NfcAdapter class and access “Version” property to get the version details of stack from the custom application, it should return the latest stack version  which is available in release notes below.

2.  Functionality can be verified using new custom application.


NFC Stack Version:


Version Number

NFC Stack Version


NFC Demo version


C# Wrapper Version


Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following devices.


 Operating System


 Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional


Installation Requirements

This software package has been approved for use with the following:

·          Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP Operating System

·          ActiveSync 4.5 or higher.

·          If developing applications for Windows Mobile 6.5


Installation Instructions

Copy file on device to \Application folder on the device and execute it.


Part Number and Release Date

February 07, 2013