Scanner SDK for iOS v. 1.3.8 Release Notes



1.      Display bar code data within a iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch application

2.      1 step pairing to an iPad / iPhone / iPod using a Scan-To-Connect (STC) pairing barcode

3.      Apps using the SDK can command and control the scanner

•      LED, Beeper Control, Aim Control and Pager Motor control

•      Enable/disable symbologies

•      Scanning control

1.      Remote scanner trigger (i.e. Host app initiated triggering)

2.      Enable/disable scanning

•      Event notification

1.      Scanner available / unavailable

2.      Scanner connected / disconnected from host

3.      Bar code data transmission (i.e. host gets event stating bar code has been scanned)

4.      Firmware update progress(i.e. host gets event regarding the progress of the firmware update)

•      Automatic reconnection to last connected scanner (i.e. scanner goes out range and then returns)

4.      Remote Scanner Management (RSM)

•      Asset Tracking

1.      Model number

2.      Serial number

3.      Date of manufacture

4.      Firmware

•      Device Configuration (Get, Set and Store Scanner attributes)

•      Firmware update

The SDK also includes source code for the “Zebra Scanner Control” app available from the Apple App Store.

For the latest SDK updates, go to  and select the “Software Development Kit (SDK) Download” link.

For access to all Zebra’s scanner software tools, go to

Device Compatibility

Listed below are Zebra’s MFi and Bluetooth low energy cordless scanners supported by this Zebra Scanner SDK.

Scanner Family






Release Notes

Version 1.3 – 1/2017

Version 1.2 – 9/2016

1.   SDK changes

  • Aim control support
  • Page motor support
  • Firmware update support
  • Scan-To-Connect pairing supported (1 set pairing through on screen bar code)
  • Support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) scanners

Version 1.1 – 2/2016

1.   Demo Application changes

  • Demo App name changed from “Zebra Scanner” to “Zebra Scanner Control”
  • Enhanced pairing and connection instructions
  • Miscellaneous user interface improvements
  • Release trigger button is disabled when connected to a CS4070 only
  • Button to permanently set Symbologies removed when connected to a CS4070 only
  • LED control button removed from Active scanner info section when connected to a RFD8500 only
  • Default communication mode set to MFi

Version 1.0 – 10/2015

1.     Initial SDK release



The SDK ZIP file contains the following components:

  • Zebra Scanner SDK (.pkg) installation package


Supported operating systems:

  • iOS 8.x and 9.x