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Scanner SDK for Windows Release Notes


The Zebra Scanner Software Developer Kit (SDK) for Windows defines an architectural framework providing a single programming interface across multiple programming languages (such as MS .NET, C++, Java) for all scanners communication variants (such as IBMHID, SNAPI, HIDKB, Nixdorf Mode B, etc.).

The Zebra Scanner SDK includes a suite of components that provides a unified software development framework with a wide range of functions for interfacing Zebra Scanners to user applications and solutions.

The SDK installation package includes following components:

  • Zebra Scanner SDK Core components and drivers (COM API, Imaging drivers)
  • Scanner OPOS and JPOS Drivers
  • Scale OPOS and JPOS Drivers
  • TWAIN Imaging Driver
  • Remote Management Components
  • Scanner WMI Provider
  • Driver WMI Provider
  • Web Link to latest Developer's Guide - Document(s)
  • Microsoft® Visual Studio Project Template for Zebra Scanner SDK
  • Test & Sample utilities with Source code packages
  • Zebra Scanner SDK Sample Application (C++)
  • Zebra Scanner SDK Sample Application (Microsoft® C# .NET)
  • Scanner OPOS Driver Test Utility (C++)
  • Scale OPOS Driver Test Utility (C++)
  • Scanner/Scale JPOS Driver Test Utility (Java)
  • TWAIN Test Utility (C++)
  • Scanner WMI Provider Test Utility (Microsoft® C# .NET)
  • Driver WMI Provider Test Utility (Microsoft® C# .NET)

With this SDK you can read bar codes, manage scanner configurations, capture images/videos and selectively choose a list of scanners on which to work. While one application is in one programming language using a scanner or a set of scanners, another application in a different language can be used differently within the same system environment.

The SDK can build an application with complete control of its scanner's capabilities:

  • Barcode data
  • Simulated HID Keyboard output
  • OPOS/JPOS output
  • SNAPI output
  • Command and Control
  • LED and Beeper Control
  • Aim Control
  • Imaging
  • Capture / Transfer of Images
  • View Video
  • Simultaneous capture barcode data and an image with one trigger pull using Intelligent Image Capture (IDC)
  • Remote Scanner Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Device Configuration (Get, Set and Store Scanner attributes)
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Scanner Communication Protocol Switching
  • Service to Automate Configuration / Firmware Upgrade Process


Device Compatibility

The following scanner families aresupported by the Zebra Scanner SDK:

DS3508, DS3578, DS4208, DS457, DS6707, DS6708, DS6878, DS9208, DS9808, LI2208, LI4278, LS2208, LS3008, LS3408-ER, LS3408-FZ, LS3578-ER, LS3578-FZ, LS4208-SR, LS4208-SR, LS4208-PR, LS4278, LS7708, LS7808, LS9203, LS9208, MP6000, MP6200 (2), MS4407, MX101, PL3307, DS4801

(1) Data transmission supported. Electronic parameter programming not supported.

(2) OPOS / JPOS – Transmission of data from both Scanner and scale supported.


Release Notes

Version 1.0 – 07/2011

1.     Supports Windows XP SP3 (32-bit) and Windows 7 (32-bit)

2.     RSM 2.0 Scanner Support

3.     SNAPI faster firmware download support

4.     Programmatic Host Variant Switching support

5.     HID Keyboard Emulation support for English and French language keyboards

Version 1.1 – 03/2012

1.     64-bit Windows 7 support added.

2.     TWAIN imaging interface supported.

3.     USB-CDC Serial Emulation mode supported. Com protocol switching partially supported – able to programmatically switch into USB-CDC host mode but not exist.

Version 1.2

1.     Codeless scanner plug-n-play events added (Require Firmware update, check scanner PRGs for firmware support availability).

2.     Simple Data Formatting feature added for emulated keyboard data.

3.     TWAIN Custom capabilities added.

4.     SNAPI scanner support added to Scanner WMI Provider.

5.     Enhanced InstallShield with more custom installation options.

6.     OPOS driver modified to support Multi-threaded apartment (in-proc/out-proc) POS applications (clients).

7.     Host variant switching support added for scanners with NULL synapse buffer

Version 2.0 – 06/2013

1.     Optimized log file operation

2.     RS-232 SSI host interface support

3.     IBM Table Top host interface support

4.     MP6000 scale commands added

5.     MP6000 scale support for OPOS and JPOS

6.     DWORD attribute support

7.     Unsolicited scanner events (Topology changes and Decode data) support (Scanner firmware support required)

8.     Statistics support (Scanner firmware support required)

Version 2.1

1.     Inter key delay feature in HID Keyboard emulation

2.     Bug fixes

Version 2.2 – 12/2013

1.     Supports Windows 8/8.1 (32 and 64 bit)

2.     Bug fixes.

Version 2.3 – 05/2014

1.     Driver ADF support

2.     MP6000 Scale Live Weight Event support

3.     Microsoft® Visual Studio Project Template provided for Zebra Scanner SDK

4.     Bug fixes.

Version 2.4 – 08/2014

1.     OPOS Direct IO support

2.     JPOS supports both 64bit and 32bit JVMs on 64bit platforms

3.     Added support for 32bit OPOS drivers on 64bit platforms

4.     Bug fixes

5.     Security enhancements to address potential security vulnerabilities

Version 2.5 – 07/2015

1.     Support for new MP6000 firmware features

2.     Stability enhancements

Version 2.6 – 11/2015

1.     Support for RFD8500 firmware update

Version 3.0 – 03/2016

1.     Rebranded ScannerSDK

2.     Supports Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit)



If the default install location is not changed, the components are installed in the following folders:



Common Components

%ProgramFiles%\Zebra Technologies\Barcode Scanners\Common

Scanner SDK

%ProgramFiles%\Zebra Technologies\Barcode Scanners\Scanner SDK

Scanner OPOS Driver

%ProgramFiles%\Zebra Technologies\Barcode Scanners\Scanner SDK\OPOS

Scanner JPOS Driver

%ProgramFiles%\Zebra Technologies\Barcode Scanners\Scanner SDK\JPOS

Scanner WMI Provider

%ProgramFiles%\%\ Zebra Technologies\Barcode Scanners\Scanner SDK\WMI Provider Scanner

Driver WMI Provider

%ProgramFiles%\Zebra Technologies\Barcode Scanners\Scanner SDK\WMI Provider Driver

TWAIN Driver

%WinDir%\twain_32\Zebra – On 32/64bit version

%WinDir%\twain_64\Zebra – On 64bit version

Component specific binaries, Sample applications, Sample Application source (code) projects will be installed under components base folders.



Supported operating systems:

  • Windows XP SP3, 32 bit
  • Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit
  • Windows 8/8.1, 32 and 64 bit
  • Windows 10, 32 and 64 bit

Installation of a new release replaces previous versions of Zebra Scanner SDK and common components.

Microsoft .Net framework and/or Java JDK/JRE, will not be installed with this installation package. Users are advised to install both the components independently



External Dependencies

  • C# .Net Sample Applications require .NET framework be available on the target computer
  • JPOS requires JRE/JDK 1.6 or above to be available on the target computer
  • CoreScanner C++ sample application source code is provided as a Visual Studio 2005 solution. If the sample application opened from a Visual Studio 2012, to be able to do a debug run it is required to modify the "Output File" field under general linker options in projects settings from $(OutDir)ScannerSDK_SampleAPP_CPP.exe to $(OutDir)SampleAPP_CPP.exe in the converted solution