Zebra RFID SDK for iOS v. 1.0.65 Release Notes


This release notes are for the Zebra RFID SDK for IOS V1.0.67 and Zebra RFID application 1.0.77.


The Zebra RFID SDK for iOS enables MFi enabled devices to interface with the RFD8500 via its Bluetooth interface. The Zebra RFID SDK provides a powerful set of APIs that use directly the ZETI (Zebra Easy Text Interface) exclusively created to take full advantage of the RFD8500 performance, functionality and versatility. The SDK also contains the Zebra RFID Mobile application that can be used as reference to develop new applications or to port existing applications to take advantage of the RFD8500 features.

Updates over RFID SDK 1.0.65


1.     Fix for RFID SDK reader connection related APIs resulting in crash under certain scenario when reader connection change happen and APIs were called from background thread


1.     Fix for incorrect total tag count issue; uses proper tag seen count values reported by reader to count total tags

2.     Uses latest SDK 1.0.67

Device Compatibility


Release Notes


·       RFID SDK Version 1.0.67

·       Zebra_RFID Application Version 1.0.77



The zip file contains the following components:

·       Xcode project

·       Zebra RFID Mobile App source code

·       Zebra RFID SDK (.pkg) installation package


Supported operating systems and iOS devices:

  • iOS 8.x and later
  • iPod Touch (5th gen) and iPhone 6

Developer system requirements:

  • MacBook Pro with at least 8 Gb of memory is recommended
  • XCode version 6.0 or later.


Refer to the RFD8500 RFID Developer Guide

Refer to the RFID8500 RFID User Guide for notes on RFID Zebra Mobile API application usage