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Workabout Pro 4 Drivers Version 2.0 Release Notes


The Workabout Pro 4 is a modular, industrial handheld computer. 

There are 4 options for an UHF RFID reader on WAP 4:

    - [WA9901]  UHF RFID WW / FCC + linear antenna

    - [WA9902]  UHF RFID EU / ETSI + linear antenna

    - [WA9903]  UHF RFID WW / FCC + circular antenna

    - [WA9904]  UHF RFID EU / ETSI + circular antenna

The RFID Reader Module can be an UHF WW (902-928MHz) or UHF EU (865.6 – 867.6MHz). 

The RFID Reader Module can read and write UHF passive RFID tags complying to EPCglobal Gen2 standard. Commands from the reader are broadcast to the tags on the transmit carrier followed by a CW transmission. Passive tags are powered by reader energy before communication between the reader to the tag starts. After decoding the command data, the tags respond by back scattering with encoded data, modulated on the CW transmission.

These cab files contain the drivers for those readers.


There is one CAB file per operating system. Each CAB file supports the 4 HW variants.
Each CAB file contains RFID UHF driver, RFID UHF service, RFID Demo, RFID Rapid Read and Tag Locator.

Improvements in this release:
    - Support for WinCE6 OS. Now, the UHF RFID driver works on WEHH 6.5 and WinCE6.

    - Support for WW/ FCC RF regulatories

    - Support for circular antenna variant

    - Support Smart Power Management

    - Reading ergonomic changed to trigger mode only

For more details, refer Workabout Pro4 RFID Mobile Integrator Guide


CAB File

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following devices.


Operating System

WAP 4 with UHF RFID Option

Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3

(Version 2.3 or greater)

WAP 4 with UHF RFID Option

(Version 2.3 or greater)


Installation Requirements

MicroSD card formatted as FAT32

OR USB Memory stick and WAP 4 docking cradle

OR PC (Windows 7 or greater) with Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) and WAP 4 docking cradle


Installation Instructions

To install the cab file, follow the procedure below:

- Copy the cab file to USB Memory Stick, microSD Card, or to WAP 4 via WMDC

- Navigate to the cab file using File Explorer

- Tap on cab file with stylus


Part Number and Release Date


Dec 12, 2014