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9160 G2 Firmware Version 5.1 Release Notes


The Psion 9160 G2 is our most advanced Wireless Gateway. The Psion 9160 G2 offers our exclusive Narrowband radio technology addressing larger areas that demand extensive coverage.

Coupled with an 802.11 radio for a range of wireless applications, this long range base station enables you to mix and match RF technologies to best suit your requirements. The Psion 9160 G2 delivers robust security, with the ability to scale from basic WEP all the way up to 802.11i with AES encryption.


Emissions issues with the fibro-optical interface require a build with the interface disabled. This was done under SCR-37872.

This 9160 OS image updates the 9160 software from 5.0 version to version 5.1.

Changes in this release:

  • Fibro-optic interface eth1 is disabled.


  1. 9160 Image

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following devices.


Operating System


Linux 2.2.3

Installation Requirements

Web browser connection to the 9160G2, logged in using word "admin" as both User Name and Password.  

Installation Instructions

1.   Click "Upgrade" under "Maintenance" group;

2.   Use "Browse" button to find the 9160G2 image;

3.   Click "Upgrade";

4.   Wait patiently until the upgrade completes;

5.   Select "Configuration" under Maintenance;

6.   Click "Reboot" and wait for the 9160G2 to restart, obtain IP address and refresh the Web page back to "Configuration".

Part Number and Release Date


July 07, 2014