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CS4070 Firmware CAACHS00-004-R00 v. 1.02 Release Notes


Version 1.02.

Device Compatibility

See section Supported Devices in CS4070 Product Reference Guide doc# MN000762A02 Latest Revision

Release Notes

CS4070 Rev C and D Includes software changes to the following images.

Combined Image CAACHS00-004-R00B1

  • CPU Version:PAACHS00-004-R00B1
  • Bluetooth version:TAACHS00-003-R00

Dongle version: PAACRS00-003-R00

PL3307 Product Code: CAABLC20-002-R00

Feature Enhancements:

1.    Ability for ADF rules to remove/substitute/add non-ASCII characters

  • The CS4070 as of this build now supports ASCII and all non-ASCII or non-printable keystrokes defined in the key character tables of Appendix D and G of the CS4070 Product Reference Guide (PRG).
  • The CS4070 will now operate as a full Standard North American wireless USB HID PS2 Keyboard when end users do Prefix/Suffix Data Transmission Formatting or Zebra’s Advanced Data Formatting when the scanner is configured in a Bluetooth Human Interface Device (BT HID) profile mode or is paired and connected directly to the Dongle.

2.      The CS4070 now implements the following Bluetooth HID Keyboard Features (See latest version of the CS4070 PRG for descriptions of these features):

   1.    CAPS Lock Override

   2.    Simulated CAPS Lock

   3.    Convert Case

   4.    Ignore Unknown Characters

   5.    Emulate Keypad

   6.    Keyboard FN1 Substitution

   7.    Function Key Mapping

3.      The CS4070 now implements the following USB HID Keyboard Features when paired and connect to the CS4070 Dongle (Dongle vPAACRS00-002-R00)(See latest version of the CS4070 PRG for descriptions of these features):

   1.    Keystroke Delay

   2.    CAPS Lock Override

   3.    Simulated CAPS Lock

   4.    Convert Case

   5.    Ignore Unknown Characters

   6.    Emulate Keypad

   7.    Emulate Keypad with Leading Zeros

   8.    Quick Keypad Emulation

   9.    Keyboard FN1 Substitution

   10.    Function Key Mapping

4.        Added the following User Preference features (Reference latest CS4070 PRG for definition):

   1.    Hand-held Trigger Mode –


a.    Standard Level Trigger mode

b.    Presentation (Blink) Mode

c.    Auto Aim

   2.    Decode Aiming Pattern

   3.    Presentation Mode Field of View

   4.    Decoding Illumination

   5.    Illumination Brightness

   6.    Decode Illumination Indicator

   7.    Low Light Scene Detection

5.      A 2 minute timeout was added to the Connection Interval Auto-reconnect timeout. This is now the default setting for this parameter.

6.      Speed up data output in BT HID Direct and BT HID to USB HID Dongle –

The Bluetooth (BT) stack software was modified to substantially improve the speed or throughput of decoded data transmitted over Bluetooth directly to a HID BT Host and to the CS4070 Dongle. Performance latency is 30% improved from CS4070 Rev C and is on par with the Zebra's DS6878 cordless scanner product when DS6878 is in a BT HID Central or Peripheral profile.

7.      Speed up transfer of large barcodes in SSI BT profile 

Improved 30% of the speed or through-put at which large barcodes (i.e. greater than 255 characters) are transmitted over Bluetooth SSI from CS4070 Rev C and throughput is on par with Zebra's DS6878 cordless scanner product.

8.        This software now implements all SSI Multi-packet Options 1, 2 and 3.

NOTE: CS4070 Rev C and prior software ONLY supported SSI Multi-packet Option 1. 


1.            SPR-27413 - Working Config.ini file with Scanparams 68, 69 and EB modified is not acted upon when loaded on new devices

  • This is fixed. A user can now program Prefix/Suffix values via the config.ini file and/or using parameter barcodes from the CS4070 PRG. All values will persist in theconfig.ini file. This gives the user the ability to stage a Prefix/Suffix Data Transmission Format using one config.ini file copied to multiple scanners. Cannot use the (Space= 0x20) ASCII Character. Use parameter barcode programming from the CS4070 PRG or the 123Scan plug-in if a ASCII space=0x20 wishes to be used as a Prefix or Suffix in decoded data.

NOTE: If a user programs Prefix/Suffix from the config.ini file it MUST be an ASCII Hex Code (i.e. 0x00 to 0x7F). If a non-ASCII hex code is set by the end user for the “Prefix=” and“Suffix=”fields in the config.ini file then the CS4070 software will default these fields to blanks. 

2.    SPR-26795 - CS4070 Extended keypad value 7009 doesn't work – This is automatically fixed with the implementation of Feature Enhancement above “Ability for ADF rules to remove/substitute/add non-ASCII characters”.

3.     The scanner will now "...Append an enter key or a tab key..." to decoded barcodes as a Suffix using 123Scan “Modify data” section.     


Read the ReadMe.txt file on how to load this firmware onto a CS4070 scanner.