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HS3100 Firmware 3.6 Release Notes


These release notes describe the release of the HS3100 Rugged Bluetooth Headset Updated Firmware.


The following are the changes into the new FW:

Added Device Clear List to the beginning of the manual Bluetooth pair mode,

Fixed SCO volume sync up issue under CE7,

Fixed headset SN persistence after changing the FW,

Fixed the reported battery serial number,

Fixed idle and backup auto-shutdown timings,

Added optic and audio notification for low battery mode,

Added link loss tone when AG disconnects

Contents - HS3100 Firmware Version 3.6

Installation Requirements

Installation of a new FW on the HS3100 headset is done via USB service port using the USB cable CBL-HS3100-CUC1-01 and the DFU utility, see HS3100-DFU Release Notes, which is intalled on a Windows-based PC.

Installation Instructions

For FW upgrades the DFU utility shall be used, see HS3100-DFU Release Notes for the HS3100 Firmware Update Instructions.

Part Number and Release Date

HS3100-v036_noCVC_1016.dfu, 16-Oct-2016.