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MC3200 Firmware v. 10.57.04 Release Notes


SPR 30277 - Scanner SE4750 in MC32 device doesn’t emit beam after few hours of usage. At the same time DataWedge also shows Idle state.


Scanner Firmware version PAABVC04-001-R00 resolves issue of scanner not emitting beam after few hours of usage. Subsequently DataWedge works as expected.

Contents (Scanner firmware without auto warmboot).

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Zebra devices:

Device      Operating System      BSP Version
MC32N0 CE 7.0 v10.57.04

Installation Requirements

MC32N0 with BSP v10.57.04

Installation Instructions

1.     Copy into \Application in device and install it.

2.     Double-click FirmwareUpdate.exe [inside folder \Application\ScannerFirmware\Tool].

3.     Press 'Firmware' and browse the scanner firmware CAABVC04-001-R00D0.DAT [inside folder\Application\ScannerFirmware\Firmware]

4.     Press Flash Scanner and wait for scanner firmware flashing to be complete.

5.     Now warm boot and double-click FirmwareUpdate.exe again.

6.     Check the firmware version as PAABVC04-001-R00 in the Engine field of Firmware Update

Part Number and Release Date


December, 2016