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MT2000 Series Scanners Firmware v.01.25.12 Release Notes


This firmware update for MT2070 and MT2090 is provided for updating firmware within MT2000 series scanners, MT2070 and MT2090.

Device Compatibility

MT2070 and MT2090.

Release Notes

Version 01.25.12

·         Scan to IP wireless LAN application software ( MT2090 only )

·         Support for FIPS-140 for Bluetooth security

·         Support for new extended range adaptive scanning laser configurations ( MT20X0-ML)

·         New Phaser P360/460 like batch application called “Simple Inventory”

·         Updated MCL Client ( Pre-licensed on the MT2070)  

·         Supports faster USB polling transfer rates

·         Improved system stability and reliability

·         Added picklist parameter mode support

·         New Symbology support including Coupon codes and ISSN EAN codes

·         Newer version of decode software for imaging versions

·         Support for Belgium keyboard mapping

·         New UI update to show system software revisions through menu soft key 




A collection of all partitions and ActiveSync OS Update files for MT2070.

A collection of all partitions and ActiveSync OS Update files for MT2090.


Development PC

  1. ActiveSync MT2070 / 2090 to PC;
  2. Unzip the appropriate OSUpdate for the model (MT2070 or MT2090);
  3. Run the “ActiveSyncOSUpdateMT2070.bat” or “ActiveSyncOSUpdateMT2090.bat” within the OSUpdate unzipped package;
  4. Make sure the power is not disconnected or battery is fully charged during the update process;
  5. After update, MT2070 / 2090 will reboot automatically.