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MT2000 Series Scanners Firmware v.01.25.36 Release Notes


This firmware update for MT2070 and MT2090 is provided for updating firmware within MT2000 series scanners, MT2070 and MT2090.

Device Compatibility

MT2070 and MT2090.

Release Notes

Version 01.25.36

1.       Implemented the integration of SE960 Phase II Engine.

Version 01.25.31

1.       Scan-To-IP version included.

2.       Updated Decoder1D.dll to version

3.       Updated Pixdll.dll to version

4.       Updated MCL Client from 3.40 to 3.41.

Version 01.25.26

  1. Added support for USB HID Keyboard mode over STB2000 cradle.
  2. New ScanToIP version is integrated in MT2090.
  3. Modification is made to ADCServices.DLL Management API to fix MCL host switching issue.
  4. Fixed MT2090/2070 in HID Peripheral mode locks up and appears to send the right control key and 2 key presses (SPR# 22620).

Version 01.25.22

  1. Fixed the issue that illumination remains ON after removing the scanner from Scanstand;
  2. Fixed the issue that RS232 OPOS and Nixdorf B have incorrect prefix for MicroQR codes;
  1. Fixed the issue that the info displayed in the Device Status screen is truncated;
  2. Fixed the issue when picklist is enabled, the aiming pattern does not flash when it is disabled;
  3. Fixed the issue that Picklist Enabled in HH or HF remains enabled in HF or HH respectively;
  4. Fixed Nixdorf Mode B transmission failure;
  5. Fixed the issue that RS232 transmission fails after Set Defaults;
  6. Fixed the Default value of UPC/EAN/JAN Supplemental Redundancy according to the PRG should be 10;
  7. Fixed the issue that the default Timeout Between Decodes, Same Symbol should be 0.5 Secs;
  8. Fixed the issue that attribute number 30: LengthforMSILength1 should have a default vaule of 4 according to the PRG;
  9. Added unallocating pixdll memory before re-start the pixdll to prevent memory leak;
  10. Fixed the issue that MT2090 time and date are not sync’ed with SNTP server;
  11. New Pixdll version;
  12. Included MCL Client v3.40 P01 package;
  13. Fixed the issue that ScanItem application is written so that keypad input that is sent from the device to the host comes across as either code 39 or code 128;
  14. Added changes for DPM decoding improvement for DPM units;
  15. Added USB static CDC support for cabled USB;
  16. Added forwarding "Set Defaults" to the cradle via a parameter barcode;
  17. Fixed picklist mode parameter in scan driver;
  18. Added dropping first frame as part of the fix for image unit scanning sluggish issue;
  19. Fixed timeout issue in switching programatically from CDC RAW to other host modes (HID etc.);
  20. Fixed the issue that MT20X0 Rev B O/S doesn't support the image viewer;
  21. Fixed AttributeStore actually does not wait till the host is ready;
  22. Fixed Raw corded parity/stop bits;
  23. Added management API for scanner-initiated RSM commands to the cradle;
  24. Fixed the issue that loading CDC driver fails on MT2090 unit;
  25. Exposed “ADCAPI_GetScanStatus” to application;
  26. Fixed the issue that MCL continuous scanning when pairing due to successive ReadLabel requests;




A collection of all partitions and ActiveSync OS Update files for MT2070.

A collection of all partitions and ActiveSync OS Update files for MT2090.


Development PC

  1. Make sure the power is NOT disconnected and battery is fully charged during the update process;
  2. ActiveSync MT2070 / 2090 to PC;
  3. Unzip the appropriate OSUpdate for the model (MT2070 or MT2090);
  4. Run the “ActiveSyncOSUpdateMT2070.bat” or “ActiveSyncOSUpdateMT2090.bat” within the OSUpdate unzipped package;
  5. After update, MT2070 / 2090 will reboot automatically.