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MT2070 Intermittent Lost Beep After Insertion/Intermittent Loss of communication with STB2078 After Insertion Hotfix Release Notes Version MT2070_00.25.29


This hotfix fixes the issue that intermittently MT2070 scanner loses insertion beep after being inserted into STB2078 cradle. It also fixes the issue that in some rare scenarios the scanner stops communicating with STB2078 cradle after the insertion.

Device Compatibility


Release Notes

Version MT2070_00.25.29

This hotfix fixes the issue that MT2070 scanner intermittently loses insertion beep and the issue that it intermittently stops communicating with STB2078 cradle after insertion.


The application of this hotfix updates the SPI driver in the OS partition.


The following is the procedure to apply the Hotfix. It is assumed that the ActiveSync is installed on the PC.

(1)   Unzip the “” to a directory on a PC;

(2)   ActiveSync the scanner to the PC. Make sure the battery is fully charged before running the update;

(3)   Run the “ActiveSyncOSUpdateMT2070.bat” within the directory. The updating will start automatically. Please do not remove the power to the scanner during the update. After a successful update, the scanner will reboot itself;

(4)   Warm boot the scanner (by press and hold scan trigger and ‘2’ key. Wait for screen going black the 1st time and release the trigger and key.). Verify the OS version is “00.25.29”.


This hotfix will overwrite the existing OS partition. So, any prior changes made to the OS partition will be lost.