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MT20x0 BT Lost Link Key Hotfix Release Notes, Version


This hotfix fixes the issue that the BT variable pin code is being erased when the battery is replaced or warm boot.

Device Compatibility



Release Notes

Version v1.0.0.26

This hotfix fixes the issue that MT20x0 BT variable pin code is being erased when the battery is replaced or warm boot.

Version v1.0.0.24

This hotfix fixes the issue that Nixdorf A does not produce error beep on transmission timeout and incorrect default timeout value.

Version v1.0.0.23

This hotfix fixes the issue that Bluetooth takes approx 25 seconds to reconnect to the STB2078 cradle on system resume.

Version v1.0.0.21

This hotfix fixes the issue that the scan engine intermittently stops after host change.

Version v1.0.0.20

This hotfix fixes the issue that the Bluetooth and scanning stop working with ADCServices after using BTExplorer API to access the Bluetooth stack.

Version v1.0.0.19

This hotfix fixes the issue that, in some situations, Bluetooth data transferring has additional delay right after pairing with STB2078 cradle.

Version v1.0.0.18

This release of the hotfix fixes the issue that MT2000 scanner Raw Mode setting is not synchronized to STB2078 cradle on cradle connection.

Version v1.0.0.17

First release of the Hotfix. This Hotfix fixes the issue that in ADCServices, Cable USB is not enumerated correctly in Mod jack after switching setting in the USB configuration menu. This Hotfix also fixes the Factory Default does not clear out the Custom Defaults issue.



The installed file should be in the following folder on the scanner.






The following is the procedure to apply the Hotfix. It is assumed that the ActiveSync installed on the PC.

1)      ActiveSync the scanner to a PC;

2)      Open up the “Platform” folder on the device using “Explore” on ActiveSync;

3)      Copy the ADCServices.dll file to “Platform” folder:

4)      Cold boot the scanner (by press and hold scan trigger and ‘2’ key. Wait for screen going black the 2nd time and release the trigger and key. Or, just remove the battery and reinsert it to cold boot.)

The scanner should boot up with the Hotfix applied.