MC65 Operating System BSP 04.47.04 - Hotfix CFE 2.0 Release Notes


MC65 locks up/screen freeze - unit operable and remotely controllable.


Customer reports issues with MC65 sometime the screen goes black. Active sync works fine, with the remote software like Everywan we are able to navigate in the OS but very slowly. It is intermittent issue.

Disable a session interrupt of USB PHY in host mode to resolve the issue.



Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following devices. 


Operating System


Windows Mobile 6.5


Installation Requirements

MC65 BSP 04.47.02 or earlier

Installation Instructions

For NORMAL installation of the PATCH: 

1.   Copy “SPR25895_MC65_WM_en_034404_V1_0.CAB” file to the device. 

2.   Deploy the solution by tapping on the .cab file. 

3.   After successful deployment of file, device will do an automatic warm boot.   


For MSP or REMOTE installation of the PATCH, use SPR25895_MC65_WM_en_034404_V1_0.CAB. This cab will not perform an automatic warm boot.

MSP/Remote Installer is responsible for performing the warm boot.

Part Number and Release Date

November, 2014