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TC75 Operating System BSP 11.04 - Hotfix CFE 1.0 Release Notes


This Android patch updates the scanning framework on TC75.


This posting fixes the following issues in the released TC75 Kitkat software- scanning FW 5.14.0. 

1.RS507 scanner is not responding when pressed scanner button after 20 trials of BT disconnection.

2.Scanner Beam fails in RS507 Scanner while Scanning through DCP Mode continuously.

3. RS507 scanner is not responding after about 20 disconnect/connect tries.

4. EMDK Reset issue.


Scanning FW SF 5.14.4 resolves the above issues.


Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Zebra devices,


Operating System

OEM Version


Android 4.4.3

BSP v110400


Installation Requirements

This SW is intended for the TC75 KK device running X1-23257-K-11-04-00-MV builds only

Installation Instructions

1.   Connect the USB cable from the PC to the TC75 and it will be connected as Media device (MTP).You can see this by swiping from top of the screen to down.

2.   If you have KITKAT build (REV A) then copy the file to internal or external drive

3.   Reboot the device in Recovery mode:

         Power Off the device (press and hold power button for 2 seconds; select Power off from menu)

         Press and hold Power + Scan key till the TC70 logo appears

4.  Device boots into Recovery mode:

         Use the Volume up/down key to navigate up and down menu options.

         Use the PTT button to select entry.

5.  Using Volume down key, navigate to location where was placed:

          "Apply update from External SD card" or "Apply update from Internal SD card"

         Navigate to to apply

6.  Press PTT key to select the option

7.  Using Volume down key navigate to

8.  Press PTT key to select the

9.  Flashing process will start

10.When The process is complete Select 'Reboot system now option

Release Date

November 2015