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VC6090 Operating System BSP 81.38.0010 Release Notes


The VC6090 Vehicle Computer is specifically for lift truck installations with integrated WiFi antenna, pre-loaded and pre-licensed Wavelink terminal emulation.


VC6090 – WM6.5 Classic (Premium Edition)

Communications supported: WLAN, Bluetooth, Ethernet



·         System Package Version (OEM version) - 81.38.0010

·         BSP version - 99.38.0000

·         AKU Professional & Classic - WM6.5 Build 23096 (05.02.23096)

·         Power Micro - 66.19.0043

·         MPA1.6 CPLDs : CPLD[0]: 3.11 ; CPLD[1] : 1.15

·         Keyboard FW - 4.2

·         WLAN-Fusion - Fusion

·         Bluetooth Explorer - BTExplorer

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Symbol devices.


Operating System


WM6.5 Classic (Premium Edition)



Installation Requirements

Enter a bulleted list of the components that need to be installed before using this product.  For those components readily available on the WEB, use hyperlinks to improver customer satisfaction.

The device must contain a released version of the SW (not a Beta version).


Part Number and Release Date

March, 20 2012