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VC70N0 Operating System BSP 05.57.03 Rev. E Release Notes


VC70N0 is a new vehicle forklift computer generation. With the ultra-rugged wireless VC70N0 in your forklifts and other material handling vehicles; your warehouse will achieve a new level of accuracy and productivity. This 802.11a/b/g/n vehicle mount computer provides operators with the real-time information they need to verify every movement of every item as it travels from receiving to shipping. The powerful VC70N0 supports traditional Telnet as well as modern browser-based graphic-rich applications, covering receiving, put-away, replenishment, picking, packing and shipping. You get the flexibility to add the options needed to maximize efficiency — including corded or cordless bar code scanners; glove-friendly, freezer-specified keyboards; and a variety of voice capabilities.

This release contains the SW required to update a VC70N0 CE7.0 device to the 05.57.03 software.


1.    Operating System: CE7.0
2.    CPU OMAP4430 ES 2.3
3.    Boot loader 1.06.00
4.    Rapid Deployment 7.08.77
5.    External Agent 02.56
6.    Bluetooth: StoneStreetOne: BT Explorer 2.1.1 Build 28342
7.    PTT/Team Express v1.1.71.0000


· QFE Feb 2016 Build2866 - Upt56
· Fusion Radio SW Version (FCC compliant & Support for IEEE 802.11r-Fast Transition)
· DataWedge v3.7.16.
· B2M Client (Elemenz version Can be installed using \Windows\
· Wavelink Telnet v7.3.196


SPR fixes

1.   SPR 28621 - Resolved an issue where registry is not merging if semicolon is present in the path.
2.   SPR 26471 - Resolved an issue where Kiosk mode/full screen mode is not working in IE.
3.   SPR 27387 - Resolved an issue where IE-checkbox control does not render.
4.   SPR 27607 - Resolved an issue whereby RS507 experiences a "3-sec delay" in scanning after 100+ scans.
5.   SPR 28299 - Resolved an issue where "Add to favorites" option missing from favorites file menu in IE
6.   SPR 28331 - Resolved an issue whereby VC70 was occasionally experiencing ethernet disconnections due to power jitters.
7.   SPR 27173 - Resolved an issue where Code page encodings in IE was missing.
8.   SPR 27858 - Resolved an issue whereby Unable to pair RS507 using telnet client.
9.   SPR 27748 - Resolved an issue whereby Memory leak issue was seen in scanner module.
10.  SPR 29609 - Added dependent MSMQ DLLs to make visadm application work on CE 7.0.

11.  To enable IE KIOSK feature reset the below registry keys to 0,
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]
"Task Bar"=dword:00000000
"Command Bar"=dword:00000000
"Menu Bar"=dword:00000000

12.  SPR 24711 : RF Apps performance can be improved by setting the below registry key for the specific <Nic Adapter Name> like XWING, SMSC9500, RndisFn, AsyncMac, PPTP, L2TP, PPPOE, LANNDS.
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\<Nic Adapter Name>\Parms\Tcpip]


Known Issue: Due to partition table change from RevA to higher versions, when upgrading the VC70 OS from RevA to higher versions, application folder will be cleaned. Even if we flash Update Package V05.57.03 without Clean Application) application folder will be cleaned.



1. - OS Update Package V05.57.03 without CleanApplication
2. - OS Update Package V05.57.03 with CleanApplication
3. VC70c70BenAB055703.APF - AirBEAM OS Update Package without Clean Application.
4.VC70c70BenAC055703.APF - AirBEAM OS Update Package with Clean Application.
5. 70N0c70BenPS050001.exe - PSDK Installer.


Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Symbol devices.


Operating System


Windows CE7.0


Installation Requirements

VC70N0 device must contain released version of CE7.0 Software.

Installation Instructions

(See instructions in Product Reference Guide Revision E)

     Using OS Update Package:
1.      Unzip ZIP file and copy its content (OSUpdate folder) to the \temp folder
2.      Place the device to be upgraded on AC power supply. Please do not remove the device from A/C power during update process.
3.      Navigate to the \temp\OSUpdate folder and invoke the VC70c70Ben_TEMP shortcut
4.      Check the OEM version to confirm OS update done successfully.
    Using SD Card:
1.      Unzip ZIP file and copy all content of SD_Card folder to the root of micro SD Card.
2.      Insert the micro SD card into the device to be updated.
3.      Place the device to be upgraded on AC power supply. Please do not remove the device from A/C power during update process.
4.      Cold boot the device (by pressing P1, P3 and Power Button on device). Once device starts re-booting, immidiately press Brightness Key (the key above Power key) to go to installation menu.
5.      The new menu will have "Download from SD card" highlighted. Press P3 Key.
6.      Another Menu will appear. Use the cursor down key (P2) to select the file "AllLoad.mcf". Press the P3 Key to start OSupdate.
7.      The device will flash all the OS components and reboot. This operation will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.
8.      Check the OEM version to confirm OS update done successfully.

Important note: The update will take about few minutes to complete.  Please do not remove the device from A/C power during this time.

Part Number and Release Date








May 27, 2016