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Workabout Pro 4 Operating System BSP 3.0 - Hotfix CFE 3.1 Release Notes


The Workabout Pro 4 is a modular, industrial hand held computer. Microsoft Windows CE Professional 6 is one of the two OS options for this device.


The following issues have been resolved in this CFE:




Device will not suspend when multiple Fusion profiles are configured but not connected.



·         7528_CE6_PRO_CHS_MULTI_3.1.43786.img

·         7528_CE6_PRO_CHT_MULTI_3.1.43786.img

·         7528_CE6_PRO_EFIGS_MULTI_3.1.43786.img

·         7528_CE6_PRO_JPN_MULTI_3.1.43786.img

·         7528_CE6_PRO_KOR_MULTI_3.1.43786.img

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Zebra devices.

·         All Workabout Pro 4 (7528) Windows CE 6.0 Professional SKUs

Installation Requirements

·  WAP Pro 4 (7528) with CE 6.0 Profissional device.

·  MicroSD card 2GB or greater formatted as FAT32.

·  Or USB Memory stick and WAP 4 docking cradle. 

·  If previously installed, uninstall '7528 Release 2.3 OS Patch v1.1'.

Installation Instructions

To update the operating system software of the WAP 4, follow the procedure below: 

1. If previously installed, uninstall '7528 Release 2.3 OS Patch v1.1' (Instructions below).

2. The firmware can be upgraded using a USB Memory Stick or using a microSD Card.

3. The firmware file must be renamed 7528os.img.

4. Copy the file containing the firmware upgrade to the root directory of the USB memory stick or Micro SD card.

5. Install the USB memory stick into the docking cradle or install the Micro SD card into the WAP 4 in the Micro SD slot in the battery compartment.

6. Press and hold down the [Blue FN] key, the [SCAN] key and the [Power] key, simultaneously for a minimum of six seconds.

7. When the update is complete, the device reboots to the main operating system.

8. Remove the MicroSD card from the device to prevent the device from performing the upgrade process again on the next cold boot, and then disconnect external power. The device is now ready to be used.


To uninstall 7528 Release 2.3 OS Patch v1.1, follow the procedure below: 

1. Delete contents of \Application\tiinit folder.

2. Clean start device or update operating system software.


Release Date

April, 2016