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ES400 WM6.5 - BSP v60.47.0005 - SHA2 Support For Spanish Localized OS Version - SPR 28512 Release Notes


This OS hotfix image addresses SPR28512 - ES400 - SHA2 Support. This OS Hot fix includes a new AKU build no. 29315 from Microsoft that contains the support for recognizing the SHA2 certificate through Cryptographic APIs (CAPIs).


1) The issue is seen on ES400 device running WEHH6.5 based OS image. SHA2 certificate does not recognized properly and when trying to install any root SHA2 certificate, the certificate gets installed in intermediate section rather than the root section. Also due to the certificate issue, Microsoft exchange server email sync does not happen.

2) The attached Spanish OS hot fix images built with AKU29315 solves the issue.


Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Zebra devices.


Operating System

ES400 WM 6.5

Installation Requirements

  • ES400 with BSP v04.47.02 

Installation Instructions

For NORMAL installation of the OS Hot fix image: 

1. Unzip and copy the content to either \Temp or \Storage Card of the device. 

2. Start the OS update by clicking the StartUpdLdr.exe file. 

3. StartUpdLdr.exe will update the OS image and device will automatically cold boot.

Part Number and Release Date


December, 2015