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MC17 Operating System BSP 04.35.14 Release Notes


This AirBEAM package contains an OSUpdate package containing a complete set of Hex Images from MC17xxc50Ben software release. After installing this package all device partitions will be updated. Users are advised to copy any valuable data or files they wish to save from the device to a separate location before performing this update as all data will be erased once the update occurs.

Warning: Users are recommended to install this package prior to installing other application software that may reside in RAM since that software will be erased when the Hard Reset occurs.



1.  CMI (Chimei) Display Support Added

2.  OEM Version 04.35.14

3. Monitor v01.57.258

4.  Power Micro v63.44.03

5.  Application v12

6.  Platform v15.

7.  SPR 22644: MAC address is shown in PB Sample but not in Device Info after a hard reset

8.  SPR 23078: Long Charging time seen in MC17T/MC17A

9.  SPR 23361: MC17T ­ reporting 222 (battery level) when high CPU Load

10.  Default Successful Scan LED On time is reduced to 2 seconds



The “17xxc50BenAB043514.apf” file contains an AirBeam OSUpdate package which will contain the following MC17xxc50Ben file partitions:

·        17xxc50BenAP012.bgz

·        17xxc50BenOS043514.bgz

·        17xxc50BenPL015.bgz

·        17xxc50BenPM634403.bin

·        17xxc50BenPT001.hex

·        17xxc50BenSC001.hex

·        17xxc50XenMO0157XX.hex

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with both the “Touch” and “Non­Touch” versions of the following Symbol devices.


Operating System


Windows CE 5.0

Installation Instructions

Installation Prerequisites:

· MC17xxc50B Windows CE 5.0 terminal

· AirBEAM Package Builder 2.11 or later OR MSP 3.x Server

Installation Steps:

i)     Airbeam update Package:

· Upload this AirBEAM package “17xxc50BenAB043514.apf” on to server.

· Download the package to the MC17xxc50B device using RD, AirBEAM client or MSP tools (see instructions on each tool for details).

ii)     OSUpdate Package:

· Unzip the and copy the OSUpdate folder to device \Storage Card or \Temp folder using Active Sync.

· Click 17xxc50BenColor_SD.lnk from \Storage Card folder or 17xxc50BenColor_Temp.lnk from \Temp folder to start the update process.

· The update will take approximately 5­10 minutes

Part Number and Release Date



January 30, 2013