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MC18 Operating System 02.57.07 Release Notes


MC18  is the Next Generation version of earlier PSS series of mobile computer MC17. MC18 provides its users rich shopping experience with its high resolution display, capacitive touch panel, better processing capabilities and enhanced connectivity. 


MC18 RevB3 OS v02.57.07 Software release contains all the fixes/features/enhancements of RevB2 OS v02.57.05 along with the following fixes.  

  • Resolved a display flickering issue observed during manufacturing in few devices
  • Resolved an issue wherein few of the MC18 terminals, the Tianma display may not come up after a reboot.
  1. Operating System: CE7.0
  2. CPU OMAP4430 (800Mhz)
  3. 4” Color Display
  4. Capacitive dual touch screen
  5. Updated WLAN Power Tables for FCC Compliance
  6. SE4710 Imager support is integrated
  7. Two variants – 512MB RAM/2GB Flash and 1GB RAM/4GB Flash
  8. Gifted battery with better precision
  9. Increased charge rate
  10. Smart cradle


  • Fusion Radio FUSION_X_2. (802.11 a/b/g/n) is integrated.
  • External Agent 02.56 is integrated.
  • Stone street BT4.0 stack
  • Capturedump is upgraded to version 3.2.2.
  • Emscript version is upgraded to 1.3.10.
  • Added Support for Tianma Display.
  • Removed Softkey panel applet.
  • Updated Rebranded Splash Screen is included.
  • Added SOTI MobiControl Stage Windows CE Client v11.2.0 as part of the OS.
  • Included MPACT Functionality.
  • ColdBoot App is integrated in App Launcher & Start Menu.
  • Added Tianma support for Cradle Firmware Update Utility, Cradle Utility, Diagnostic App, Screen Resolution Apps.
  • Display Init Sequences have been changed to improve the performance of Sharp RevB\RevC Display Panels.

Note: Default Beeper volume has been reduced when Datawedge is used to save Battery Power.
To increase the Beeper Volume, Open Datawedge->Advanced Configuration->Profiles->Profile0->Input ->Scanner->MegaPixelImager ->More->Feedback->Good Decode->Beeper->Volume (Set the volume to 3). 
Keep pressing back & click ‘Exit’ to save the settings.

SPR Fixes

  • SPR 27756 :  Resolved an issue where MC18 locks up while in the cradle.
  • SPR 29191 :  Resolved an issue where batteries were intermittently not recognized by the MC18.
  • SPR 28299 :  Added "Add to favorites" option in IE Favorites file menu.
  • SPR 26471 :  Added Kiosk Mode/full screen mode in IE.
  • SPR 28406 :  Added support for National/Regional Language (NLS).
  • SPR 27173 :  Added encoding options and code pages for various languages.
  • SPR 29875/30062 :  Resolved an issue wherein Rapid deployment client is unable to connect to Relay server when using DNS name.
  • Resolved an issue wherein few of the MC18 terminals, the Tianma display may not come up after a reboot.


  1. - OSUpdate Package contained in a ZIP file. 
  2. -  Package file for deployment using AirBEAM.

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following devices.


Operating System


Windows CE 7.0 Premium






Installation Requirements

MC18 device must contain released version of CE7.0 Software.

Installation Instructions

1. Unzip ZIP file and copy its content (OSUpdate folder) to the \temp folder

2. Place the device to be upgraded on A/C power supply.

3. Navigate to the \Temp\OSUpdate folder and invoke the 18X0c70Ben_TEMP shortcut

 The update may take around 5 minutes to complete.  Please do not remove the device from A/C power during this time.

 Important Note:

1. If the device has a Tianma display then the device is not allowed to downgrade to any of the earlier images (RevA(01.48.17)/A1(01.48.28)/A2(01.48.29)/A3(01.48.37).

2. If the device has a Sharp RevC display panel then the device is allowed to downgrade to 01.48.37 only.

To find the display present in the terminal, Go to System Info Applet on the device by navigating to Start->Settings->Control Panel->’System Info Applet’->’Config Info’ Tab.

    If the ‘Display Type’ is shown as LQ040Y3DX80B, it is a Sharp RevB Panel.
    If the ‘Display Type’ is shown as LQ040Y3DX80C, it is a Sharp RevC Panel.
    If the ‘Display Type’ is shown as TM040DYHG36, it is a Tianma Panel.

Note:  RevA(01.48.17)/A1(01.48.28)/A2(01.48.29)/RevB(02.57.01)/RevB1(02.57.03)/RevB2(02.57.05) OS images are obsolete now. Downgrading to any of these earlier released OSUpdate Package is not recommended.

Known Issues with 02.57.07 image:

1.    The bootup Splash screen will be inverted with devices having Sharp display panel.

2.    The IPL Screen will be inverted with devices having Tianma display panel.

Note: if you are using your custom splash screen from any of the earlier images then it will come up inverted in Tianma Panel devices with image 02.57.07 so you need to recreate the inverted Splash screen to make the appearance correct.

Part Number and Release Date

    18X0C70BENAB025707 – APF File

    18X0C70BENUP025707 – OSUpdate Package

    December 12, 2016