MC2100 Operating System Professional BSP 01.34.17 and above - Hotfix CFE 01.01.00 Release Notes


This patch addresses SPR23867 FTDI Serial Driver v1.1.0.14 not able to re­connect to dial­up network after device suspend­resume. As part of fix, FTDI has released the latest serial driver which solves the issue.


1)      This issue is seen when MC21XX with serial cable and serial modem connected to dialup network and tries to connect after device suspend/resume.

2)      FTDI has released the latest serial driver v1.1.0.19 which solves the issue.

3)       If an application or the user cleans up ‘\Application’ folder, this .cab solution has to be re­installed.



Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Symbol devices.


Operating System


Windows CE6


Installation Requirements

·  MC21XX BSP 01.34.17 and above


Installation Instructions

For NORMAL installation of the PATCH:

1.      Copy “” file to the device.

2.      Deploy the solution by tapping on the .cab file.

3.      After successful deployment of file, device will do an automatic warm boot.

For MSP or REMOTE installation of the PATCH, use

“”. This cab will not perform an automatic warm boot. MSP/Remote Installer is responsible for performing the warm boot.


Part Number and Release Date

March 26, 2014