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MC2100 Operating System Professional BSP 04.34.0121 Rev. D Release Notes


From the sales floor to the backroom, the Symbol MC2100 mobile computer has what it takes to affordably automate the capture of inventory data right at the point of work. Leveraging Symbol's Mobility Platform Architecture 2.0, the MC2100 offers plenty of processing power, industry­leading data capture capabilities, rugged design, superior ergonomics, flexible data capture options, plus centralized management. Support for Symbol’s RhoElements application development platform allows you to create cross­platform applications that work on different mobile computers with different operating systems. MC2100 is available in Wireless LAN (802.11b/g/n) and Batch configuration.


General Enhancements in 04.34.0121

ReBranded Components:

  • Fusion ­ Version FUSION_X_2_02.0.0.024R(FCC Compliant) 
  • DataWedge ­ Verison 3.7.16
  • RTLog Manager 
  • Splash Screen
  • emScript v1.3.5, CaptureDump
  • PTT/Team Express v1.1.71.0000 is integrated 
  • Asset Tracker Lite v1.0 is integrated 
  • RhoElements Framework v02. 
  • CtlPanel v4.2.3
  • RhoElement Basic Browser v2.0(WLAN configuration only)

SPR Fixes:

  • SPR26412 -­ Improvement has been made in Scanner Decoder Performance. 
  • SPR26357 ­- Resolved an issue wherein MC21 Laser Beam width was Unstable. 
  • SPR25400 -­ Resolved an issue wherein Picklist Mode was not accurate.
  • SPR23867 -­ Resolved an issue wherein Dial Up Reconnection was not happening after device suspend resume.
  • SPR25065 ­- Resolved an Issue wherein entering the https into basic browser app was failing to navigate to the address.


1. ­ OS Update Package v04.34.21 Software (English)

2.  2100c60BenAB043421.apf ­ AirBeam Package without clean Application

3.  2100c60BenAC043421.apf ­ AirBeam Package with clean Application

4.  2100c60BenOS043421.hex  ­ OS Image v04.34.21  (English)

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Symbol devices.


Operating System


Windows CE 6.0 Professional


Windows CE 6.0 Professional

Installation Requirements

MC2100 device must contain a released version of CE 6.0 Core Software.

Installation Instructions

Update through\Storage Card

  • Unzip file and copy its contents (OSUpdate folder) to the root folder on SD card.
  • Insert the SD card in the device to be updated.
  • Place the device to be updated on A/C power supply.
  • Run 2100c60Ben_SD shortcut from \Storage Card\OSUpdate folder to start the update process.

Update through\Application

  • Unzip file and copy its content (OSUpdate folder) to the \Application folder. 
  • Place the device to be updated on A/C power supply.
  • Run 2100c60Ben_App shortcut from \Application\OSUpdate folder to start the update process.


  • Keep the device in AC Power during the update process.
  • Updating through Temp folder is not supported in MC2100 due to RAM space constraints.
  • While using Application partition update method, Application data will be kept intact and OSUpdate folder will also remain after completing the OS Update process.

Part Number and Release Date






December 16, 2015