MC40 Operating System FIPS BSP 02.13.011 - Recovery and Reset Package Release Notes


Today, it’s important to provide an experience that will impress demanding and technology savvy customers and end-users. The MC40N0 Mobile Computer is a sleek, customizable device that puts all the needed information at the customers’ fingertips.

With an MC40N0, they can scan an item bar code to look up price, inventory availability or item location; ring up the sale; look up product information or a gift registry; present a comparison of multiple products; call others in the store for help with a question; and even complete a loyalty card application — anywhere in the store, without ever leaving the customer. The MC40N0 offers technology with an impressive look that can be customized in almost limitless ways to become an extension of your brand.

Recovery update package v02.13.0311contains the MC40 KK RevB software.

This software is intended to be loaded and run on the MC40N0 FIPS SKU devices. MC40N0 device with FIPS JB OS can be directly updated to FIPS KK OS using the recovery upgrade package. It is important that care be taken to match the device configuration with the appropriate Recovery update package. If an incorrect Recovery update package is loaded, the device may not boot.

Component Description and version:

Component / Description


Product Build Number


Android Version


Linux Kernel


Android SDK Level


Android security patch level


Bluetooth Stack


Flash Size

8 GB

RAM Size

1 GB

MSP Agent/RD


Scanning Framework

















Touch FW

0.14(RevB), 19 (RevC TPK),38(RevB+)




0.6 (NA for RevC HW, only for RevA/B HW)


B2M Elemez

Data Analytics

App Gallery


12.2.0 Build 23434




Battery Management


Features Added/Supported since previous release:

New Features:

·       Added Toshiba A15nm eMMC support.

·       Added Battery Manager application.

·       Home screen layout customization

General SPRs fixed:

·       SPR 28626 : Increased dalvik heap size from 512M configuration to 1024M

·       SPR 28924 : Touch screen may still be active when the screen turns off due to proximity sensor events.

·       SPR 28416 : Callbacks for volume button presses not received by applications.

·       SPR 28355 : Slow rendering observed on application which uses Chromium Webview control.

·       SPR 28470 : When proxy setting is applied, device is not able to access INTRANET site but able to go to INTERNET sites.

Component Release Notes (only major features since last release):


New Features:

·       Added Auto Proxy Config feature support - A PAC file or Proxy Auto-Configuration file defines how web browsers can automatically select an appropriate proxy for accessing a given URL

·       [Zebra Mobility Extensions] Added Scan assist’s channel request feature - Using this feature, MC40 retrieves roaming related information from the Zebra wireless LAN infrastructure without doing scans. This is used for improving roam.

SPRs fixed:

·       SPR 28701 : Device fails to connect to EAP-FAST network when authenticated in-band PAC provisioning is disabled.

·       SPR 29135 : WLAN Signal Strength is not reported when the display goes OFF

·       SPR 26920 :  Device hangs/vibrates when both BE and VI Block Ack sessions are active.


·       Enable/Disable screen capture

·       Enable/Disable Screen shot for VA

·       Additional Locale support

·       Vendor-specific DHCP Options

Scanner Framework 6.23.0:

New Features:

·       Support for new trigger modes - Timed Hold, Timed Release, Press and Release.

·       Support for Auto Scanner Firmware Update – Scan engine on the device is updated with the validated version of the firmware.

SPRs fixed:

·       SPR 29184: Unable to scan some RSS14/GS1 Databar Barcodes

DataWedge 3.3.12:

New Features:

·       Added new Data Capture Plus. Replacement for Data Capture Panel.

·       Added an option in intent plug-in configuration to enable receiver foreground flag when broadcasting intents.

·       Added new intents to query the current scanner status and to broadcast scanner status changes to user application.

·       Added a setting to keep Bluetooth scanner enabled on suspend in order to resume the device with Bluetooth scanner trigger press and scan straight away.

SPRs fixed:

·       SPR 28652 : There may be a delay in applications capturing the barcode scanned immediately following reboot. An option in intent plug-in configuration was added to enable receiver foreground flag when broadcasting intents to improve performance when scanning immediately after reboot.


New Features:

·       ANR stability issues fixes

·       Log file upload - This feature allows uploading of DataAnalytics application log files to Analytic Cloud.

·       NV file rolling - When NV file size reaches a default set limit it will be compressed and stored in the configured path.

·       Clear All CSP DAE data - This feature allows user to delete data (files and folders) of DataAnalytics and AnalyticsMgr CSP to bring Analytics Component to Factory default state.

·       Individual Metrics and events for all existing DCA can now be configured


  • USB Mass Storage support deprecated in KK 
  • Card Swipe demo application not included OOB 
  • Device-Config utility not supported


1. – Enterprise Reset Recovery Package

2.    M40N0KXXXAE0000001.apf – Enterprise Reset AirBeam Package

3. - Factory Reset Recovery Package

4.    M40N0KXXXAF0000001.apf - Factory Reset AirBeam Package

5. – Full Factory Reset Recovery Package

6.    M40N0KXXXAW0000001.apf – Full Factory Reset AirBeam Package

7. - MC40N0 KK FIPS SKU Recovery OS update package

8.    M40N0KXXVAUxx20311.apf - MC40N0 KK FIPS SKU AirBEAM OS update package

9. - MC40N0 KK FIPS SKU Recovery Upgrade package for JB to KK OS upgrade

10.   M40N0KXXVABxx20311.apf - MC40N0 KK FIPS SKU AirBEAM Upgrade package for JB to KK OS upgrade


Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following devices.

Device P/N

Operating System


KitKat 4.4.4







Installation Requirements

1. The Software update requires FIPS SKU hardware device
2. Enterprise Reset and Factory Reset package files are available on the MC40 Software Download section on Support Central

Installation Instructions

Recovery Update procedure:           

  1. Connect the USB cable from your PC to the device
  2. Make sure MTP mode is selected in the USB settings in the device and MTP drivers are installed in your PC
  3. The internal SD card of MC40 will be seen in your PC as mounted drive MC40N0.
  4. Copy the recovery update zip file to the root folder on internal SD card
  5. Press and hold the Power button on the device until the Device options menu appears
  6. Tap on Reset to reboot the device
  7. When the device is rebooting hold the left Scan/Action button to enter Recovery update mode
  8. Click on Vol+ or Vol- to navigate Recovery menu screen and select "apply update from sdcard" option
  9. Click on on PTT key to select the option
  10. Click on Vol+ or Vol- to navigate to the recovery update zip file
  11. Click on on PTT key to select the recovery update zip file
  12. Click on Vol+ or Vol- to navigate “reboot system now” and Click on PTT key to reboot the device
  • OS AirBEAM Update package

Please refer Mobility Service Platform deployment guide for instruction.

Note: Battery must be 30% charged to perform update

Recovery Downgrade procedure: 

         (To downgrade from MC40 KK to MC40 JB) 

        1. Copy released MC40 JB OS recovery package & KK EnterpriseReset package to the root folder on internal SD card
        2. Reset to recovery mode and update the JB OS recovery package followed by EnterpriseReset package using the recovery Update procedure 
        3. Reboot the device

Known issues:

On first boot after FactoryReset or FullFactoryReset it is observed randomly on certain devices sometimes that Camera icon is missing. 
Recoverability: Perform EnterpriseReset/FactoryReset

Part Numbers

  1. M40N0KXXXRE0000001
  2. M40N0KXXXAE0000001
  3. M40N0KXXXRF0000001
  4. M40N0KXXXAF0000001
  5. M40N0KXXXRW0000001
  6. M40N0KXXXAW0000001
  7. M40N0KXXVRUxx20311
  8. M40N0KXXVAUxx20311
  9. M40N0KXXVRBxx20311
  10. M40N0KXXVABxx20311
  11. M40N0KXXVRPXX20311
  12. M40N0KXXVAPXX20311
  13. M40N0KXXVRDXX20311
  14. M40N0KXXVADXX20311

Release Date

 March 31, 2016