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MC40 Operating System Voice BSP 04.10.0807 Release Notes


Today, it’s important to provide an experience that will impress demanding and technology savvy customers and end-users. The MC40N0 Mobile Computer is a sleek, customizable device that puts all the needed information at the customers’ fingertips.

With an MC40N0, they can scan an item bar code to look up price, inventory availability or item location; ring up the sale; look up product information or a gift registry; present a comparison of multiple products; call others in the store for help with a question; and even complete a loyalty card application — anywhere in the store, without ever leaving the customer. The MC40N0 offers technology with an impressive look that can be customized in almost limitless ways to become an extension of your brand.

Recovery update package v04.10.0807 (Build Date 080715) contains the software required to update an MC40N0 Voice SKU device to JellyBean OS.

This software is intended to be loaded and run on the MC40N0 Voice SKU devices. It is important that care be taken to match the device configuration with the appropriate Recovery update package. If an incorrect Recovery update package is loaded, the device may not boot.


  ·         JellyBean 4.1.1

  ·         Kernel v3.0.31

  ·         MX 3.5.1-1

  ·         MSP v7.08.67

  ·         Integrated App Gallery v2.1

The following Components have been Rebranded and Included in the OS build.

·         Fusion v3.01 53R

·         DataWedge v3.1.6

·         RxLogger – v2.0.0.49

·         PTT Express v3.1.18

·         BTPairingUtility v1.32

·         File Browser v1.10

·         Included Rebranded Splash Screen, Boot Animation.

·         Default homepage is set to in Browser.

·         Tech Doc

·         Open Source License Information.

·         Card Swipe Tutorial App

·         Device Config  v2.06


General Enhancements / Fixes Included:

·         SPR27019 -  L3 Roaming support has been added.

·         SPR26921 -  Resolved an issue wherein Fusion FT (802.11r Fast BSS Transition) connection is initiated with wrongly configured FT AP.

·         SPR26112 -  Resolved an issue whereby VOIP distorted audio is seen when both called and calling party speaking simultaneously.

·         SPR26729 -  Avalanche IK version 6.02T02.24_COD_7 has been integrated.

·         SPR26707 – Resolved an issue whereby Data wedge export files do not save/import i2of5 length fields.

·         SPR26305 -  Resolved an issue whereby GS1 Databar barcode with ADF rules set on Data wedge is not decoding symbologies as expected.

·         SPR26189 -  Touch Panel performance has been improved.

·         SPR26304 -  Resolved an issue whereby Auto correct Settings will replace words, but will not offer to use the original word by backspacing to the changed word.

·         SPR25675 - Resolved an issue whereby Datawedge is missing an option for “Ean Zero Extend” under UPC/EAN params.

·         SPR27547 - Resolved an issue wherein EHS 1.6 AutoLaunch Browser Doesn't Work On Reset.

·         SPR26611 - Resolved an issue wherein MC40 native SIP client was not registering after reboot. 

·         SPR27658 - Resolved an issue wherein Fatal Exception was observed when connecting to a Network using Cisco Controller with options 'MAC filtering' for the WLAN & 'Web Policy' for 'on MAC filter failure' enabled.

·         SPR27096 - Resolved an issue wherein MC40 loses socket connections without dropping wireless signal.

·         SPR27727 - Resolved an issue whereby device lockup is observed on some terminals during boot.

·         SPR27767 - Resolved an issue where touch screen events happening simultaneously with the display turning off sometimes leave the touch screen unresponsive.

·       SPR25359 – Resolved an issue wherein Datawedge application crashes when string at criteria is set in the configuration

·         Resolved OS reloading issue that existed on v03.09.0208 (Build Date 020815) - RevB Plus OS.

·         Integrated patch for AOSP browser vulnerabilities identified in CVE-2014-6041.    

·         Included Stage Fright Patch.


· – JellyBean OS Recovery update package

· – Gingerbread to JellyBean OS upgrade Recovery update package

·    M40N0JXXVAUxx40807.apf – JellyBean OS AirBEAM update package

·    M40N0JXXVAGxx40807.apf – Gingerbread to JellyBean OS upgrade AirBEAM update package

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following devices.

Device P/N

Operating System


JellyBean 4.1.1



























Installation Requirements

1) The Software update requires Voice SKU hardware device

2) Enterprise Reset and Factory Reset package files are available on the MC40 Software Download section on Support Central

Installation Instructions

1. OS Recovery Update Package

  1. Connect the USB cable from your PC to the device
  2. Make sure MTP mode is selected in the USB settings in the device and MTP drivers are installed in your PC
  3. The internal SD card of MC40 will be seen in your PC as mounted drive MC40N0.
  4. Copy the recovery update zip file to the root folder on internal SD card
  5. Press and hold the Power button on the device until the Device options menu appears
  6. Tap on Reset to reboot the device
  7. When the device is rebooting hold the left Scan/Action button to enter Recovery update mode
  8. When the Recovery Mode home screen (Android logo) appears then release the left Scan/Action button.
  9. Touch Home button to enter Recovery menu screen
  10. Click on Vol+ or Vol- to navigate to the "apply update from sdcard" option
  11. Click on on PTT key to select the option
  12. Click on Vol+ or Vol- to navigate to the recovery update zip file
  13. Click on on PTT key to select the recovery update zip file
  14. Click on Vol+ or Vol- to navigate “reboot system now” and Click on PTT key to reboot the device


2. OS AirBEAM Update package

  1.  Please refer Mobility Service Platform deployment guide for instruction.

Note: Battery must be 30% charged to perform update

Important Notes

1.    Downgrade to JB RevB v02.08.0520 (Build Date 052014) SW Release or earlier releases is not supported on RevB Plus Hardware which contains Giant Plus Display, Liyi or TPK Touch Panel.
To find out whether the device is a RevB Plus Hardware, Go to Settings->About Device->Hardware config->Display and Check name of the Display.
If Display name is shown as "GiantPlus GPM1517A0", it is a RevB Plus Hardware.

Part Number and Release Date





August 30, 2015