MC65 Operating System BSP 3.44.04 & 4.47.02 - Hotfix CFE 2.0 Release Notes


SPR26324 When scanning QR codes with Cyrillic symbol (RUSSIAN/UKRAINIAN/ BELARUSSIAN) barcodes using DataWedge, user may get unreadable symbols.


When scanning QR codes with (Cyrillic symbol) RUSSIAN/UKRAINIAN/ BELARUSSIAN Symbols using Datawedge. User gets only unreadable symbols. Language support in Datawdge is the root cause.


Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Symbol devices.


Operating System


Windows Mobile 6.5


Installation Requirements

MC65 WM BSP 034404 and BSP 04.47.02 or earlier

Installation Instructions

1.      Close the DataWedge if it’s already open.

2.      Copy “” file to the device.

3.      Deploy the solution by tapping on the “” file.

4.      Re­launch the DataWedge.

5.      Scan the barcode.

Part Number and Release Date


November 2014