MC65 Operating System BSP 4.47.02 - Hotfix CFE 1.0 Release Notes: Host Mode Error


SPR26507 MC65 RevC “gets Host Mode Error using device in 4 slot Ethernet cradle”.


When the USB client drains over 300mA from the MC65, a dialog window with the error "Excessive Host Mode Current Threshold Exceeded" gets displayed on the touch screen. Users would need to re­insert the device into the cradle to recover from the issue. The cab file provided in this posting will help recover the device without having to reinsert the MC65 into  the cradle. When issue occurs, and the user closes the dialog window, the device will recover  automatically.




Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Zebra  devices.


Operating System


Windows mobile 6.5


Installation Requirements

MC65, BSP version: 04.47.02 or earlier

Installation Instructions

For NORMAL installation of the  PATCH:

1.  Copy “SPR26507_MC65_W65_en_034404_v” file to application folder on the device by using Microsoft Active Sync or Mobile Device Center.

2.  Navigate on the device to the application folder.

3.  Deploy the solution by tapping on the "SPR26507_MC65_W65_en_034404_v"   file.

4.  After successful deployment of the "SPR26507_MC65_W65_en_034404_v" file, device will do an automatic warm boot.


For MSP or REMOTE installation of the  PATCH:

1.  Set up MDM (MSP, Soti, Airwatch, etc..) to send “SPR26507_MC65_W65_en_034404_v” file to the application folder of the device.

2.  To deploy the solution, setup in MDM to programmatically install the cab file “SPR26507_MC65_W65_en_034404_v” file.

3.    Changes will take effect after a manual reboot of the terminal or if MDM reboots  device.

Part Number and Release Date



February 2015