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MC67NA v. 04.56.13 Rev. D Release Notes - Localized


Give your field workforce all the tools they need to work faster and smarter with the rugged 4G HSPA+ MC67. What can workers do with the MC67? Everything they need to get the job done. Access information in almost any backend system. Scan practically any bar code. Call a customer with an updated arrival window. Capture documents to enrich business intelligence and simplify recordkeeping. Take and send video and photos for real-time repair support. All at 4G HSPA+ speed. So whether your mobile workforce is fixing equipment, making deliveries, taking orders, performing inspections or issuing citations, they’ll have all the tools they need to improve task efficiency, task accuracy and customer service, all in a single super-rugged device.


  • WEHH 6.5 Professional AKU 29344 (
  • Windows Mobile BSP 56.10
  • Monitor upgraded to 1.21.00
  • EA 2.56
  • FPGA ver. 2.19
  • RIL
  • WAN Firmware 03.001 ARN 01.001.24


General Enhancements

  • Included Updated/Rebranded Fusion Software X_2.
  • Included Updated/Rebranded MSP Client v07.08.77
  • Included Updated/Rebranded RD Client v07.08.77
  • Included Updated/Rebranded DataWedge 3.7.10
  • Included Updated/Rebranded MaxDemo –7.0.14
  • Included Updated/Rebranded StoneStreet BT Ver 2.1.1 Build 28327
  • Included Updated/Rebranded emscript/CaptureDump
  • Included Rebranded Splash Screen
  • Included Rebranded RTLog Manager
  • Added SOTI Client v11.2.0 (Build-899)



  • – There are 2 packages included in a ZIP file - Partition Table & FPGA as one package and OS package along with instructions.
  • – A package file for OS package, WAN Firmware and Audio update deployment using AirBeam. Package includes the Upload instructions for MSP installation. AirBeam


Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Symbol devices.


Operating System


Microsoft WEHH 6.5 Professional

Installation Requirements

MC67NA device must contain a released version of Microsoft WEHH 6.5 Professional

Installation Instructions

If you had CFE v1.3 installed, please run Central UpdateCleaner.exe from \Application folder before upgrade. To update your MC67 WM 6.x device to a newer version of the Rev D OS

1.     OS Package update

1.     Please see INSTRUCTIONS.txt which is part of

2.     MSP OS Package update

1.     Please see MC67_MSP_Installation_Instructions which is part of for update through MSP.

Changes and Fixes

SPR Fixes:

  • SPR 26651 - Resolved an issue where key repetition issue is observed when Alpha mode is switched on/off.
  • SPR 26945 - Resolved an issue wherein the device does not go to critical suspend.
  • SPR 26947 - Resolved an issue wherein incorrect time stamp is reported in received SMS messages.
  • SPR 27155 - Resolved an issue wherein MC67 does not recognize RFID sled occasionally when it is connected.
  • SPR 25046/24733 - Resolved an issue wherein the device will not active sync if is connected to a PC which is put to sleep mode.

Part Number and Release Date



October 19, 2016