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MC75A Operating System BSP 01.23.20 Release Notes


The Zebra MC75A Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant, next generation of the MC75, delivers all the features and functionality required to maximize workforce productivity in a rugged device with a minimum footprint. The MC75A re-defines the standard for EDA mobile computers with simultaneous voice, data and GPS services* as well as an unprecedented number of enterprise class features.  . Users enjoy a 3.5G world cell phone, integrated GPS with superior sensitivity and tracking capabilities, 1D and 2D bar code scanning, a high resolution color camera, 3.5G wireless WAN (WWAN), wireless LAN (WLAN), wireless PAN (WPAN) and IrDA connectivity — all in a single device.

Update Loader Image 01.23.20 contains the SW required to update an MC75A0 Premium device to the Rev C software release.

This software is intended to be loaded and run on the MC75A0 Premium devices. A new feature has been added so that it can only be loaded on an MC75A device.  Also, the Update Loader package software will not load on any non-MC75A device.


  1. AKU  5.0.60 (Build 21840) 
  2. Fusion Software 
  3. BT Explorer v2.1.1 build 
  4. AirBEAM Client v7.02.77 
  5. RD Client v 7.02.77
  6. GPS Mux v 2.48.4 
  7. Power Micro 55.57.01 
  8. CPLD 0.05 


  1. – An UpdateLoader Package contained in a ZIP file.  Use Instructions are contained within the ZIP file.
  2. 75A0w65HenAB012320.APF – A package file for deployment using AirBEAM.

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Zebra devices.


Operating System


Windows Mobile 6.5 Classic

Installation Requirements

MC75A0 device must contain a released version of WM6.5 Software.

Installation Instructions

Please see INSTRUCTIONS.TXT in the UpdateLoader Package ZIP file.

Part Number and Release Date

May 21, 2010