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MC9090 Operating System BSP 01.39.01 Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium - Localized Release Notes


The Update Loader Image 01.39.01 contains the software required to update a MC9090 device to the latest released software (REV H).  

The flagship MC9090 is a rugged handheld mobile device that incorporates a PDA, computer, scanner and imager in a single unit designed for the rigors of all-day, everyday usage.

The MC9090 has Intel X-Scale Bulverde 624MHz processor and delivers the latest version of the Microsoft WM 5.0 Premium Edition operating system.


General Enhancements

  • Microsoft AKU3.5.2
    • Virtual Memory improvements
    • .NET Compact Framework, CF v2.0 in-ROM update package (downloadable via separate package update file)
      Note: If not updated, the default version will remain v1.0
  • Threshold to perform Image Update on battery lowered to 70% charge remaining.
  • WLAN Fusion version
  • BTExplorer 1.2.4 Build 7784
  • MSPAgent 3.28, Airbeam 3.28, RD Client 3.28
  • 2GB SD card support for SDMMC driver
  • splash screens.

Enhancements in Scanner

  • Scanner driver updates.
  • Virtual memory improvements.
  • Aiming Dot Reticle support.
  • Improved PickList in bright light.
  • Aztec improvements
  • New Symbology support:
    • Aztec
    • Chinese 2 of 5
    • USPS 4 State Customer Barcode (US4CB)
    • uQR

Issues fixed in Scanner

  • DPM fix
  • Micro-Macro PDF fix
  • UPC-E Barcode fix
  • Code 128 length fix
  • Supplemental 2 and 5 fixes
  • Fix for when scanning Macro PDF 417 barcodes with DataWedge2 or ScanSample2 using the imager the last 3 characters of data are dropped.

Issues fixed in WLAN

  • Compliant with US FCC DFS requirements that went into effect on July 20, 2007.
  • Fixed public API function S24_GET_CHANNEL_QUALITY to use the correct statistics variables.
  • Fixed single AP topology and sporadic re-authentication failures.
  • Fixed public API command USER_CREDENTIAL_WLAN_OVERRIDE to work with user profiles.
  • Fixed rapid switching of profiles with Public API disabling radio.
  • Fixed driver re-authentication issue with CAM mode.
  • Canada Regulatory Requirement – enabled DFS for bands 52-64.
  • Fixed Suspend/Resume issue on A radio.
  • Fixed the Zero ESSId issue. A Deauth packet was being sent incorrectly every time we associated or authenticated.
  • Fixed adapter unavailable issue. A sequence of resume followed by a quick suspend within 15 seconds and another resume produced this symptom.
  • Fixed radio connectivity issue with active sync connect/disconnect.
  • Fixed NDIS binding issue due to improper closing of previous instance.
  • Fixed issue switching between 8011.g mode and 802.11bg mixed mode where the radio could be offline for 10 seconds.
  • Fixed the incorrect SSID in the BSSID list.
  • Fixed large AID and Power save mode issues in the firmware.
  • Fixed reason it took longer time to connect back to profiles after suspend/resume on a radio with Cisco AP.
  • Upgraded to AcAuth.lib from Meetinghouse Drop 82.
  • Removed connmc.exe and ndispwr.dll from Fusion package. OS versions now prevail.
  • Merged fix in from – User cannot navigate or exit with keyboard after refresh.
  • Resolve 'Prompt at Connect' issue.

Enhancements in Bluetooth

  • BTExplorer API - an expansion and enhancement on the original provisioning API. It provides access to GAP inquiry and SDP request facilities as well as the provisioning capabilities to define a favorite.
  • An update to the StackBTC in the SDK has been made to include a separate test Event DLL (EventSample) which communicates with the virtual COM port handler through the CreateFile/CloseHandle calls. When installed using the EventDLL registry key in the Drivers\Builtins entry for the virtual COM port, this DLL will be called when the virtual COM port is opened or closed and can be used to control the result of the back-end connection to Bluetooth. The sample application has been modified to make use of this DLL through the newly introduced Wait button.

Issues fixed in Bluetooth

  • The handling of received-character events has been modified in SS1COM/SS1MOD to handle the case where the driver indicates that 0 bytes of data is available to be read. This modification will allow data to be read correctly from VCA2: on the 9097 IDEN phone platform for the local DUN Gateway role.
  • BTExplorer API enhancements: Fixed issue where VCOM port number could not be specified when defining a new connection favorite
  • A fix to remove missed call notifications that occur erroneously when a Hands-Free profile answers a call offered by TAPI has been integrated into this release.
  • Resolved application window losing focus.
  • Resolved a registry handle leak in a driver support DLL was causing memory leaks and failures in repeated virtual COM port open/closes.
  • The Hands-Free profile was modified not to enable call-waiting state when it is not enabled on the phone at the time Hands-Free connection is initialized.
  • BTExplorer and the BTExplorer Hands-Free profile have been modified to always take Hands-Free connections out of sniff mode prior to creating Hands-Free connection.
  •  Hands-Free Audio Gateway has been modified to leave a busy-signal indication routed to a Hands-Free device until the call hangs up or the user hangs up the call from the Hands-Free device regardless of the state of the busy-signal call with respect to the notifications provided by TAPI.
  • The “SPP Open/There was an error opening the COM port” and the “Unable to connect to remote device” dialog boxes have been added to the set of error dialogs suppressed by the HideSPPOpen registry setting (The registry setting must be 1 (true) for these dialogs to be suppressed, and they will only be suppressed on the opening of a virtual COM port, not on a user-initiated connection to favorite (where applicable).
  • “Route On Connection” has been modified to use ‘always’ as its default value.
  • Addressed a synchronization issue that was dropping bytes under certain buffer-full conditions.
  • The most recent modifications to the audio-driver as resolves issue with ignoring an incoming call when another call is already active and routed to the Hands-Free device.
  • A resolution has been added to Hands-Free to press the dialer answer button programmatically.
  • An existing issue where ring signals were occasionally sent to Hands-Free devices after the line had already been answered has been fixed.
  • The algorithm used for name discovery in BTExplorer has been improved to increase the probability that a name will be discovered for a given remote device.


  • The BTExplorer API header file (CustomerDLL.h) can be found in the BTExplorer SDK directory.
  • CustomerDLL has been enhanced with the new API. See the BTExplorer SDK for details.


Issues fixed in MC909X

  • Fixed SD card corruption in SDMMC driver.
  • Fix for SNTP, simple network time protocol.
  • Fix for out of sequence echo canceller.
  • Fix for adapter not available error.
  • Fix for when the cradle serial port is set as a wakeup, the RS-232 driver outputs (from MC909X outputs to peripheral inputs) remain active (RS232 held high).
  • Fix for an issue where LED blinking can not be stopped through the provided API.
  • Fixed issue with volume of MIDI generated tones
  • Change the PORepaint registry setting to avoid white screen on reboot
  • Added persistence for key light state after warm boot.
  • Added support for Sharp VGA display panel.


Localized files Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese German Italian Japanese Korean Spanish

9090w50LcpAB013901.APF Airbeam Package Simplified Chinese

9090w50LctAB013901.APF Airbeam Package Traditional Chinese

9090w50LdeAB013901.APF Airbeam Package German

9090w50LitAB013901.APF Airbeam Package Italian

9090w50LjpAB013901.APF Airbeam Package Japanese

9090w50LkoAB013901.APF Airbeam Package Korean

9090w50LsiAB013901.APF Airbeam Package Spanish

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Symbol devices.


Operating System


Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium

Note:  .NET Compact Framework, CF v2.0 in-ROM update package is a separate package update file.

          Updating the OS to 01.39.01 will not update .NET Compact Framework to v2.0

Part Number and Release Date

September 6, 2007