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MC9090 Operating System BSP 01.43.00 Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium - Localized Release Notes


       The Update Loader Image 01.43.00 contains the software required to update a MC9090 device to the latest released software (REV I). The flagship MC9090 is a rugged handheld mobile device that incorporates a PDA, computer, scanner and imager in a single unit designed for the rigors of all-day, everyday usage. 

        The MC9090 has Intel X-Scale Bulverde 624MHz processor and delivers the latest version of the Microsoft WM 5.0 Premium Edition operating system


General Enhancements

  1. WLAN Fusion version 
  2. BTExplorer 1.2.4 Build 15260
  3. MSPAgent 4.45, Airbeam 4.45, RD Client 4.45
    • Fusion version, which is included in this release, when used with MSP 3.1 or above, allows Staging (RD) and Provisioning to be used to configure two Fusion Options: 802.11d and Auto Time Config.
    • MSP 3.1.1 or above allows Staging (RD) and Provisioning to be used to configure AES encryption for all authentication types supported by MSP 3.1.1 for which Fusion supports AES encryption.[A2]
    • This software release has been tested on MSP 3.1 and 2.9 and passed MSP Compliance.
  4. Support for new MSR9001 hardware for 909x
    • The new MSR driver supports both the legacy MSR9000 and the new MSR9001
  5. Scanner driver updates
    • Improved memory footprint of Pixdll.dll (PixLiteDLL.dll is no longer used)
    • Supports Korean 3of5 barcodes
  6. Cold boot persistent settings for Ram Disk and Page Pool values
    • Configurable RAMDisk and PagePool settings on a cleanboot using uldrsettings.cfg.
    • Clear Ramdisk on Clean boot
  7. Rebranded IE Home Page. 
  8. New version of iDockit, v4.02.10.01 for 909x (included CAB file in the Application partition).
  9. Added the RasBook entries for the USB Serial ActiveSync connection


General Issues Resolved

  1. SPR 14734 - Fixed the Issue of Regmerge driver truncates any number of backslashes in the registry data to a single backslash
  2. SPR12189 - Copy files updated to fix issue where there were problems when copying files to directories more that one level deep when directories did not exist
  3. SPR 13970 - Fixed the issue with our MSR sample (MSRSamp2), after a suspend/resume it cannot read from the MSR 
  4. SPR14138 - Fixed the issue in the control panel USB to PC applet check box to allow device to sync with serial USB driver when unchecked. 
  5. SPR 14450 -  Reg key "PORepaint" is reset to 2 to address the Landscape mode display corruption issue 
  6. SPR 14569 - DST patch for Western Australia Timezone which implemented the DST starting  From 2 a.m. on 28 October 2007 until 2 a.m. on 30 March 2008; and  From 2 a.m. on 26 October 2008 until 2 a.m. on 29 March 2009
  7. SPR 14525 -  Registry modified for SystemIdleTimerReset during WLAN activity so that terminal doesn’t suspend due to timeout, during any WLAN activityFixfor Audio distortion after playing .wav file several times
  8. SPR 13954 - Fix for setting of the IST priority in the serial driver
  9. SPR13919 - The error code for not ready state in the MMC driver has been changed from DISK_REMOVED_ERROR to ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED to support the new WM2005 page loader error codes.
  10. SPR 14450 - Fix for scrambled display after setting the display in Landscape mode
  11. Fixed Bluetooth 20 MB File Transfer failure issue.
  12. SideTone Registry settings modification 
  13. Keylight driver fix for persistence.
  14. Fixed USB ActiveSync re-connect after suspend/resume terminal  


 WLAN - Fusion Release Notes

New Features:

·         EAP FAST

·         EAP GTC

·         Security Manager for PAC files and Certificates including PFX support


Issues Resolved:


  • SPR 14567 – Corrected an issue where editing a profile using WEP encryption with no authentication could cause part of the WEP key to be revealed to the user.
  • SPR 14586 – Corrected issue where the SIP (Soft Input Panel) button disappeared on the Login dialog.
  • SPR 14387 - Corrected an issue causing excessive transmit retries when connected to an access point setup as 802.11b with Short Preamble enabled and 1Mbps as the only basic (required) data rate.
  • SPR 14372 – Corrected an issue where the mobile device would send a DHCP Discover upon resume. The device now properly sends a directed request for an IP address to the same server as before (a DHCP Request).
  • SPR 13490 – Corrected a buffer overrun in MUDLL.
  • SPR 13815 – Corrected an issue in the Fusion Public API where it reported poor coverage when the device was actually out of range.
  • SPR 14253 – Removed the second message (‘The country selected may not be supported on this device…”) when modifying the country selection in the Options regulatory page.
  • SPR 14305 – Fixed a deadlock situation in Wireless Status where the Wireless Log page would lock up.
  • SPR 14302 – Updated the Configuration Editor’s country list to match what is supported by the radio.
  • SPR 13962 – Connection issues when using AES encryption in range of 16 or more Access Points.
  • SPR 14066 – Maintenance preformed on the regulatory entries based on the latest approvals for Photon based devices.
  • SPR 12805 – The roa ming algorithm sometimes takes too long to choose and connect to an AP.
  • SPR 13852 – WM5.0: Rebooting while an ActiveSync connection is made can cause Adapter Unavailable to be reported after the reboot is complete until either ActiveSync is connected again, or the date is manually changed.
  • Corrected an issue where the WLAN radio would attempt to associate to access points using a null SSID upon initialization (following a resume or reboot).
  • Updated country code table to reflect latest rules for Australia . Ch 120-132 disabled.


Bluetooth - BTExplorer Release Notes 1.2.4 Build 15260

Resolved Issues        

  1. SPR 14016 – Fixed an issue where BTExplorer COM port would time out after continuously opening for a prolonged period of time.

  2. SPR 14166 – Changes were made to SPPOpen for speed improvements.

  3. SPR 14204 – Changed the default font for the dialogs in BTExplorer to Tahoma to resolve issue on Korean OS with text boxes fitting on the screen.

  4. SPR 14297 – SDP Query Error occurs too fast when entering long PIN codes.  SDP query timeout was increased to 40 seconds.

  5. SPR 14283 – Fixed a memory leak.

  6. Fixed an issue with BTE Provisioning APIs: Trying to delete a Favorite connection from a Multithreaded application hangs in BTPDeleteConnection routine.

  7. Fixed an issue with BTE Provisioning APIs: In a Multithreaded, application BTPFindServiceClose always fails with return code 3.

  8. Fixed an issue where you were unable to connect to SSP server with PIN authentication enabled.

  9. Added unique device name feature with restart BTExplorer.

  10. Fixed an issue where there was no yellow exclamation point on disabling the radio from the tray icon.

  11. Fixed an issue where there was no scrollbar on Settings / Services / Add / FTP / "Select Root Directory" dialog tree view.

  12. Fixed dialog box to correctly fit the WT4090 device.  Also, added WT4090 specific text display strings to the dialog box to select from multiple favorites when opening Bluetooth links on behalf of other applications.  Also, added WT4090 specific processing to insure focus is correctly handled in the dialog box to select from multiple favorites when opening Bluetooth links on behalf of other applications.

  13. Fixed BTExplorerMenu to not display the enabled icon if Bluetooth is disabled.

  14. Fixed an issue in BTExplorer that caused an exception to occur when ‘Return Audio to Phone’ is selected from a hands-free device.

  15. Fixed an issue when creating a Serial port server profile, Local COM Port drop down combo box lists COM1 and all the WAN ports instead of BT COM ports (4, 5 and 9).

  16. Fixed an issue where the SIP was not displayed when trying to change the file name during an FTP get operation.

  17. Fixed an issue where BTExplorer API - BTPFindFirstConnection function does not return the unconnected favorite(s) after receiving a query of connection(s) with attribute BTP_CONNECTION_REMEMBERED.

  18. Fixed an issue where BTExplorer threw an exception when set NumberServiceUUID = 0 and Service = NULL in Provision API query.

  19. Fixed the issue where sometimes the association entry name did not display on the "Open port" dialog.

  20. Fixed RSSI code to display a correct negative value.

  21. Fixed bug that allowed the custom serial port to be included in the selectable drop-down list even though it was already in use.

  22. Fixed the issue when there is no existing association in BTExplorer, opening a COM port from a third party application would fail.

  23. Fixed the issue where CLI information was not displayed on the Hands-Free server.



  • Made the VRC (default CE5.0 registry file) set the discoverability and connectability to false (by default).
  • A delay in BTExplorer Menu startup operation was eliminated.
  • Corrected issue where in the Select Remote Device dialog if the Detail View is selected the Discover Names dialog incorrectly loses focus and  BTExplorer becomes non-responsive.
  • Modified menu to include Minimize BTExplorer menu item.
  • The new connection wizard screen text control has been made scrollable.
  • Bug fixed when Command Bar was found to stop working when Setup screens are cancelled.
  • Modified code so that the BT tray icon pop up menu will contain the minimize BTExplorer option even when the menu is reversed.
  • Fixed problem where BTExplorer takes 2 minutes to disconnect from an ActiveSync connection.


Localized files Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese German French Italian Japanese Korean Spanish

9090w50LctAB014300.APF Air Beam Package File Traditional Chinese

9090w50LcpAB014300.APF Air Beam Package File Simplified Chinese

9090w50LdeAB014300.APF Air Beam Package File German

9090w50LfrAB014300.APF Air Beam Package File French

9090w50LitAB014300.APF Air Beam Package File Italian

9090w50LjpAB014300.APF Air Beam Package File Japanese

9090w50LkoAB014300.APF Air Beam Package File Korean

9090w50LsiAB014300.APF Air Beam Package File Spanish

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Symbol devices.


Operating System


Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium

Installation Requirements


Installation Instructions

Please refer the document “Loading Magneto Update on MC909X.doc” which is included in the ZIP file


·        Please refer the document “UldrSettingsReadMe.doc” which is in the ZIP File to Configure RAMDisk and PagePool settings on a cleanboot using uldrsettings.cfg

·        .NET Compact Framework, CF v2.0 in-ROM update package is a separate package update file.

      Updating the OS to 01.43.00 will not update .NET Compact Framework to v2.0

Part Number and Release Date

March 11, 2008