MC9090 Operating System Windows Mobile BSP 01.43.00 - Hotfix CFE 3.0 Release Notes


This SW distribution enhances Terminal functionality to support RS507 Hands-Free Imager


New Terminal features:

–  The Bluetooth enabled scanners support

–  The Terminal can configure the scanner parameters with RSM (Remote Scanner Management) API

–  The Terminal can display its own BD_Address barcode (for scanning by the RS507)

–  The Terminal can retrieve the RS507 log

–  The Terminal can perform RS507 Firmware upgrade

–  The Terminal can Page the last RS507 it used to scan with, when the RS507 is lost (if the RS507 is still connected by Bluetooth or already disconnected). When RS507 is found, the user should verify the Bluetooth connection status. If disconnected, the RS507 should be paired again with the Terminal.

Note: All existing Scan APIs are backward compatible. 

Applications included:



Location for Windows Mobile devices

Location for Windows CE devices


Sample Application

Start Menu->Programs



Sample Application

Start Menu->Programs


Display_BD_Address. exe


Start Menu->Programs




Start Menu->Programs




Start Menu->Programs\FirmwareUp date

\Application\FirmwareUp date


Application Applicat ion

Start Menu->Programs


Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following devices:


Operating System


Windows CE 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.1


Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.1


Windows CE 5.0, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.1


Windows CE 5.0

Installation Requirements

CAB file Installation:

1. Use ActiveSync to transfer CAB file from PC to Terminal’s root directory.
2. Run CAB file
3. Press “Enter” when first dialog appears (“Install …”)
4. If “Replace” dialog appears, press “Yes To All” (happens when CAB file was previously installed).

  • The Airbeam Package is provided for managed distribution via the MSP.
  • The AirBeam package includes compatible RS507 Firmware .apf file for managed distribution via the MSP to the RS507 while connected to the Terminal over the Bluetooth.
    If RDClient uses RS507 for staging (reading MSP barcode), it will disconnect the RS507 before firmware update. Press on the RS507 restore key in order to reconnect so firmware update can start.

Part Number and Release Date

Part Numbers:

–     3090c50CB3RS507

–     3090c50AB3RS507

–     3090w61CB3RS507

–     3090w61AB3RS507

–     709Xw50CB3RS507

–     709Xw50AB3RS507

–     709Xw61CB3RS507

–     709Xw61AB3RS507

–     9090c50CB3RS507

–     9090c50AB3RS507

–     909Xw50CB3RS507

–     909Xw50AB3RS507

–     909Xw61CB3RS507

–     909Xw61AB3RS507

–     5090c50CB3RS507

–     5090c50AB3RS507


July 31, 2009