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MC9100 Operating System BSP 03.47.02 Release Notes


The Zebra MC9190 Rev C Software offers the following enhancements:

·        Operating System: WEHH 6.5 COM3 (Build 29217.


General Enhancements in 03.47.02:

·          Microsoft - Windows Embedded Hand held - AKU 29217.

·          Updated WLAN driver version (JEDI) : Fusion version v3.

·          Debug Tools CAB Installers

o  WM - eMScript, CaptureDump, ShimProfiler, VMM Service

·          Added shortcut to eMScript CAB Installer in Start-Programs-Debug [After Installation, the 'Start_Emscript' & 'Stop_Emscript' link appears in the same folder]

·          Added Support for KIOSK Mode.

·          Removed Microsoft deprecated "Marketplace"

·          Added CMI display Brightness Patch in the OS Image.

General Fixes:

·          Stone Street One - BTExplorer 2.1.1 Build 27990

·           Document Capture Feature [Document Capture v2.0]

·       PixDLL v5.15.13.130

·           Decoder1d v5.1.13.1

·          MSP Agent 7.08.42, AirBEAM 7.08.42, RD Client 7.08.42 (Software release has been tested on MSP 3.3 and passed MSP Compliance)

·           Data Wedge v3.6.8 [Pre-Installed in the device]

·           Team Express Client Licensed version v1.1.63-0000 as a CAB file

·          Updated SMSC driver for New 4-slot Ethernet cradles

·           General Scanner Performance Improvements

·           Added configuration support to handle SE960I and SE950I Scan Engines

·           Scan Decode LED Time is reduced to 500ms

·          By Default "Update Loader/AirBEAM" packages will NOT perform Cleaning of the Application partition, "Update Loader" zip file will contain file for Cleaning Application but by default the entry will not be present in the "pkgs.lst", If the User wants to clean the Application partition, user should add the "CleanAppl.bin" File name in the "pkgs.lst" and copy the file with updated "pkgs.lst" into the device before running update process.

If any Zebra patches have previously been installed that they should either be removed prior to updating the OS Or the “CleanAppl.bin” should be included in the update package to ensure those older patches are no longer installed.

MC9190 Specific Changes/Known Issues:

·          SPR22027 - Resolved an issue where in with or without pick list enabled, the imager most of  the time scans wrong barcode

·          SPR24213 - Resolved an issue where by multiple key pressing cause keyboard stuck and one key repeats in the loop till reboot

·          SPR19313 - Added registry key to prevent the SD card from un-mounting when removing the battery.

·          SPR21081 - Resolved an issue to show correct printer name in the registry.

·          SPR19650 - Resolved an issue where by battery part numbers were reported incorrectly

·          SPR23220 - Resolved an issue with SS1 Bluetooth stack, where in Bluetooth connection was lost when using Audio Gateway or Headset profile

·          SPR23279 - Resolved issue where in Bluetooth Explorer crashes when switching between Wizard/Explorer modes.

·          SPR22761 - Resolved an issue whereby the device locks up when trying to access the "" web link on IE

·          SPR23015/23049/23623 - Resolved key repeat issue caused due to missing Key_UP event.

·          SPR22012/21747 - Resolved an issue where by the trigger on the gun device does not work when the keyboard is disabled via CtlPanel.

·          SPR21940/21706 - Resolved an issues where by opening COM port either by Serial App Or Pocket Browser meta tag causes to show junk characters.

·          SPR22214 - Resolved an issue with Imager APIs, whereby the Camera took lot of time to take a picture.

·          SPR24119 - Resolved an issue where by Bluetooth connection was getting terminated after 24 hours of active connection.

·          SPR20717 - Resolved an issue whereby the Blue and Orange function keys were not indicating the respective key state.

·          SPR21180/ SPR22372/ 23079 - Resolved Imager API issue whereby the camera driver returned Fragmented images.

·          SPR19505 - Resolved Serial communication issue whereby at baud of 2400 (or 1200) communication does not work correctly

·          SPR20999 - Resolved an issue whereby the Datawedge stops scanning.

·          SPR20467 - Resolved an issue with "SetRegistryContext" API.

·          SPR21794 - Resolved an issue whereby the Gain adjustments were not persistent after a timeout suspend.

·          SPR21954 - Resolved a BT Explorer issue seen on Stone Street stack when the device moves from trusted to untrusted during reboot

·          SPR24105 - Resolved EMDK compatibility issue seen with calling EMDK Battery API with SMART_BATTERY_STATUS_STRUCT structure.

·          SPR23994 - Resolved an issue whereby the Illumination goes off after 5 to 10 scans with Pick list ON

·          SPR23889 - Send data option now has settings to convert data to uppercase or lowercase.

·          SPR23081 - Treat data as binary option now has a setting to treat all the data as ASCII data.

·          SPR21527 - Resolved EMDK installation issue whereby Symbol.StandardForms.dll was not getting installed.

·          SPR21170 - Resolved an issue where on few units, after performing a cold boot with phone ON was resulting in the phone OFF state.

·          SPR21356 - Resolved an issue on localized OS whereby the title bar text on Settings applet shows boxes instead of actual text.

·          SPR22759 - Removed EVDO GPS registry settings that overwrites the SiRF GPS registry setting

·          SPR22570 - Resolved an issue with RS507 miss-decoding when using MS BT stack.

·          SPR23421 - Microsoft resolved an issue whereby the cursor focus was changing to next tab while swiping with stylus to highlighting within the text box.

·          SPR23493 - Microsoft added Secure Renegotiation support into the AKU, whereby the clients responds when the server wants to renegotiate the connection.

·          SPR22769 - Microsoft resolved an issue whereby the OS did not support current Russian time zones.

·          SPR23319/23112 - Microsoft resolved issues whereby RDP displays grid lines on remote windows applications

·          SPR23189 - Resolved an issue with full screen handwrite on WM6.5 Traditional Chinese Localized OS

·          SPR 23343 - Resolved an issue with Remote Desktop whereby pressing ALT

+ F (to open file menu) in remote desktop, the ALT Key was not getting released once the F Key is pressed.

·          SPR21578 - Resolved an issue whereby RAS connection was not getting terminated or continued when the unit is removed from the vehicle.

·          SPR21129 - Resolved an keyboard remapping issue seen on Japanese OS whereby when the Keypad Orange state is on, some of the key codes generated are incorrect.

·          SPR20790 - Resolved an issue seen whereby it shows up an Unidentified USB error message when the device wakes up from suspended when on cradle.

·          SPR21921 - Resolved an issue whereby screen black's out but the device is still functional which can be verified through remote desktop application.

·          SPR23030 - Resolved an issue where an external scanner does not work when connected over USB on MC9190

·          SPR21072 - Resolved an issue whereby pressing a key causes the device to repeat the Keyboard click sound multiple times

·          SPR23532 - Resolved Auto-initiate of Serial AS connection after inserting into the cradle.

·          SPR22036 - Resolved an issue where an Audible click is noticed during an audio recording

WLAN - Fusion Release Notes v3.

·          SPR23692 - Resolved an issue whereby the Fusion radio is unavailable when resuming after several suspends

·          SPR23318 - Resolved an issue whereby the Fusion stops communicating after some time and no more probe requests are sent from terminal.

·          SPR21411 - Resolved an issue whereby the device does not send DHCP decline after a duplicate IP address is detected.

·          SPR20363 - Resolved an issue whereby WLAN roams frequently in an environment where AP beacons are sent at 11 Mbps.

·          SPR20889 - Resolved an issue whereby a Large percentage of beacons are missed at times.

·          SPR21228 - Resolved an issue whereby the device does not get an IP address if the mixed mode configuration is changed in AP after device gets connected.

·          SPR20750 - Resolved an issue whereby the dialog box loses focus when using Fusion to config a profile on Mobile Terminal without touch panel.

·          SPR21898 - Resolved an issue seen whereby after performing a cold boot the device does not connect to the network.

·          SPR24124 - Resolved an issue whereby an RDP session locks up after several roams.

·          SPR24125 - Resolved an issue whereby a Fusion Supplicant triggers continuous EAPOL Start request.

·          SPR24127 - Resolved an issue whereby the MU does not initiate authentication while connecting to a profile on resume.

·          SPR23318 - Resolved an issue whereby there are no data packets sent receiving deauth.

·          SPR24648 - Updated U-APSD settings by default set to Disable.

·          SPR23227 - Resolved an issue whereby Fusion logs are displaying garbage characters while printing friendly names of the APIs.

·          SPR24721 - Resolved an issue whereby Fusion Supplicant crashes occasionally after receiving M1 from the authenticator.

Scanner - SPR Fixes

·          SPR23241 - Added support for QR FNC1 Barcode Symbology.

·          SPR21692 - Resolved an issue whereby disabling adaptive scanning at start up was not working when configured to be disabled through a registry key.

·          SPR22117 - Resolved an issue where a 1D SE-960 scan engine is not meeting the spec when used with MC9190-GA0SWGYA6WR

·          SPR22625 - Narrow beam is set as default for Lorax.

·          SPR22647 - Resolved an issue whereby an RS507 connected through Bluetooth, slows down when scanning.

·          SPR22940 - Resolved an issue whereby the 1D SE960 medium beam setting is not possible to be selected.

·          SPR23710 - Improved the Scanning Performance for SE960 and SE950 scan engines.

·          SPR21239 - Resolved scanning issue seen on Lorax when using through DataWedge where is stops scanning.

Fixes and Known Issues in MSP Agent v7.08.42:

"For MSP release notes, see Support Central and refer to the Release Notes document for the latest MSP release."

·          Mobility Services Platform 4.2 Release Notes EN/Resolution?solutionId=91910&redirectForm=search&searchQuery=%3FsearchT ype%3Dsimple%26searchTerm%3DMSP%20release%20notes

Known Issues:

o      Default Team Express Private call key is not mapped to any key.

User must configure the key before starting the session.

Known issues in the Windows Mobile Products:

-         By default Input panel applet is not displayed in Start->Settings->Personal page due to a known issue from Microsoft wherein the user will not be able to close the Input panel applet.

As a workaround if enabled, the applet can be closed using the "OK" button on the hard keyboard.

Remove the below registry entry and reboot, to display the "Input" applet under Settings\Personal page.


which is present in the following section: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ControlPanel\Input]


1. - UpdateLoader Package.

2.       9190w65HenAB034702.APF - AirBeam Pacakge.

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Symbol devices.


Operating System


Windows Mobile 6.5 Classic

Installation Requirements

MC9190 device must contain a released version of WM6.5 Software

Installation Instructions

For Upgrade:

o     If the device is running Rev B(v02.41.03) ), user can use Rev C(v03.47.02) Update Loader package to update the device.

For Downgrade:

o     If device has Rev A hardware running with v03.47.02, user is permitted to downgrade to BSP34 (v01.34.08) and BSP(v2.41.03). (To identify Rev A hardware, go to Start->Settings->System->"System Info"Applet->"Display" Page-> Display ID: LH370V01).

o     If your device has CMI Display, DO NOT Downgrade to BSP34(v01.34.08) since this BSP does not have support for CMI display)

(To find the display ID Go to System Info Applet on the device to find the Display Id: Start->Settings->System->"System Info" Applet->"Display". For CMI-> PJ037PD.


Part Number and Release Date

14 Feb 2014


2.    9190w65HenAB034702.APF