MC9100 Operating System BSP 60.47.20 - Localized Release Notes


This English OS image for MC 9190 with OEM version 60.47.20 is based on BSP 04.47.12 and is built with AKU 42 Build number 29354.


1. This  OS contains below enhancements.

·          AKU 42 Build number 29354

2. This OS contains fixes the below issues reported after installing 04.47.12

·          SPR 27207 - MC9190 Auto Suggest Text Issue.


· - OS Update Package with Clean app

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Zebra devices,


Operating System


WM 6.5

Installation Requirements

MC9190 device must contain a released version of WM 6.5 Software.

Installation Instructions

For NORMAL installation of the OS Hotfix image:

1.       Unzip and copy the content to either \Temp or \Storage Card of the device.

2.       Start the OS update by clicking the StartUpdLdr.exe file.

3.       StartUpdLdr.exe will update the OS image and device will automatically coldboot.

For Upgrade

·          If the device is running Rev B(v02.41.03) ), Rev C(v03.47.02) user can use Rev D(v60.47.20) Update Loader package to update the device

For Downgrade

·          If device has Rev A hardware running with v60.47.20, user is permitted to downgrade to BSP34 (v01.34.08), BSP(v2.41.03) BSP(v03.47.02). (To identify Rev A hardware, go to Start->Settings->System->"System Info"Applet->"Display" Page-> Display ID: LH370V01).

·         (To find the display ID Go to System Info Applet on the device to find the Display Id: Start->Settings->System->"System Info" Applet->"Display". For CMI-> PJ037PD.

Part Number and Release Date

September, 2015