MC9100 Operating System BSP 80.32.06 Release Notes


The Motorola MC9100 Software release Version 80.32.06 offers the following enhancements over Rev B Software release version 02.32.04

- Built with Dec 2012 QFE Base.
- Resolves Major Customer Issues.


General Enhancements/Fixes: 

This OS Update Package for MC91xx CE6.0 Package resolves following issues related to customer SPRS:

SPR 23284­ MC3190 CE6 device with BSP32 has an issue during connection between Appcenter 1.10 (Build 2000) RDP client and own remote server, after several attempts the unit stops responding on keypad and touch screen.

SPR22540­ Using IE navigate  to customer URL either over Active Sync or Over WLAN and observe the device getting locked up. Recovery from the lockup is forced warm boot.

SPR22765­In MC31xx­G device using Networking  Make a new connection, then  goto Security settings, after that  enable "preview user name and password" this will cause device to freeze/hang. 

Contents - OSUpdate Package v80.32.06

9100c60BenAB803206.APF -­ AirBEAM Package v80.32.06

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Zebra devices. 


Operating System

MC91xx Windows CE 6.0 Professional

Installation Requirements

MC91xx device must contain release version of CE6.0 software. 

Installation Instructions

Upgrade to Version 80.32.06 through \Temp 

  • Unzip upgrade package to local desktop. 
  • Copy OSUpdate folder and all its contents to \Temp of the device. 
  • Run 9100c60Ben_TEMP shortcut from \Temp\OSUpdate folder to start the update process. 
  • The update will takes approximately 2 minutes

Upgrade to Version 80.32.06 through \Storage Card 

  • Unzip upgrade package to local desktop.
  • Copy OSUpdate folder and all its content to root folder on SD card. 
  • Insert the SD card into a SD slot on a device.
  • Run 9100c60Ben_SD shortcut from \Storage Card\OSUpdate folder to start the update process. 
  • The update will takes approximately 2 minutes. 

Part Number and Release Date

April 23rd, 2013