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MC9100 Operating System BSP v04.47.12 Release Notes


The Symbol MC9190 Rev D Software offers the following enhancements.


General Enhancements in 04.47.12:            

  • WEHH 6.5 COM3(Build 29315)

  • Microsoft - Windows Embedded Hand held - AKU 29315. This AKU supports for SHA2 certificate feature.

  • Fusion version v3., This version of fusion is ETSI compliant

  • MAXDemo 7.0.14


  •  MSP Agent 7.08.77, AirBEAM 7.08.80, RD Client 7.08.77

    • This Software release has been tested on MSP 3.3 and passed MSP Compliance

  •  Data Wedge v3.7.04 [Pre-Installed in the device]

  •  Team Express Client Licensed version v1.1.71-0000

  •  emScript v1.3.5,  Capture Dump v3.1.9                           

MC9190 Specific Changes:

  • SPR25801 - Added SHA2 certificate support for WeHH6.5

  • SPR25191 - Resolved an issue whereby MC9190 takes longer time to wakeup the scanner

  • SPR24719 - Resolved an issue whereby Bluetooth application using Stonestreet stack fails on 117th execution.

  • SPR24979 - Resolved an WEH 6.5 certificate 






WLAN - Fusion Release Notes v3.

  • SPR26570 - Resolved an issue whereby fusion does not allow the application to set Advanced ID for EAP-FAST using FAPI

  • SPR26314 - Resolved an issue of rebranding fusion from Zebra to Symbol

  • SPR25694 - Resolved an issue of missing Jordan country code from the regulatory

  • SPR25158 - Resolved an issue of Radio reset occurring intermittently during boot. This causes incomplete initialization of the supplicant and results in authentication failure

  • SPR25856 - Resolved an issue of Fusion Auto time config will set the time on every roam

  • SPR25218 - Resolved an issue of abrupt system time change results in continuous EAPOL loop

  • SPR24330 - Resolved an issue of  EMDK .NET 2.8 - memory leak when creating multiple Wireless LAN instances

    Known Issues:

  • Default Team Express Private call key is not mapped to any key. User must configure the key before starting the session.

    Known issues in the Windows Mobile Products:


           By default Input panel applet is not displayed in Start->Settings->Personal page due to a known issue from Microsoft wherein the user will not be able to

          close the Input panel applet.  

          As a workaround if enabled, the applet can be closed using the "OK" button on the hard keyboard.

          Remove the below registry entry and reboot, to display the "Input" applet under Settings\Personal page.


           which is present in the following section:




  1. - UpdateLoader Package without CleanAppl.

  2. - UpdateLoader Package with CleanAppl.

  3. 9190w65HenAB034702.APF - AirBeam Pacakge without CleanAppl.

  4. 9190w65HenAC034702.APF - AirBeam Pacakge with CleanAppl.

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Symbol devices.


Operating System


Windows Mobile 6.5 Classic

Installation Requirements

MC9190 device must contain a released version of WM6.5 Software.

Installation Instructions

For Upgrade:

  • If the device is running Rev B(v02.41.03) ),  Rev C(v03.47.02) user can use Rev D(v04.47.12) Update Loader package to update the device.

 For Downgrade:

  • If device has Rev A hardware running with v04.47.12, user is permitted to downgrade to BSP34 (v01.34.08), BSP(v2.41.03) BSP(v03.47.02). (To identify Rev A hardware, go to  Start->Settings->System->"System Info"Applet->"Display" Page-> Display ID: LH370V01).

  • 01.34.08)  since this BSP does not have support for CMI display)

    (To find the display ID Go to System Info Applet on the device to find the Display Id: Start->Settings->System->"System Info" Applet->"Display".  For CMI-> PJ037PD.

Part Number and Release Date   



10 March, 2015