MC9100 Operating System OEM 41 - Version 1.2 Release Notes


This fix includes most of previous released fixes for MC9190 WM6.5 ОЕМ 41 device


Following the list of previously released fixes, included to this rollup:

1.   Fusion (WM6.5)

2.       MC9190 - External USB scanner with FLC9000 - SPR 21319

3.       MC9190 - Lorax MC9190 WM6.5 No beam issue - SPR 21553

4.       MC9190 - Low baud rate fix - SPR 21697

5.       MC9190 - 1D SE-960 scan engine not meeting the spec - SPR 22117

6.       MC9190 - Picklist Mode Not Accurate - SPR 22027

7.       MC9190 - Scanner issues fix - SPR 22544 (se960)

8.       MC9190 - Lorax default beam width - SPR 22625

9.       Brightness settings for new CMI display

10.  MC9190 - MC9190 Adaptive scan fix - SPR 21241

11.  MC9190 - Device is not decoding barcodes - SPR 20999

12.  MC9190 - Adaptive scan fix - SPR 21241_21692

It also fixes issues, found in the first rollup:

1.     MC9190 – Mute definition disappears after warm boot SPR23353

2.       MC9190 - View finder and Red rectangle screen seen while scanning  when used with Blockbuster imager. SPR23328

3.     MC9190 - When using woBootEmbedded.ARM.CAB it updates all properly, however in fusion => option => regulatory, country names are shown as squares. SPR23317

4.       MC9190 – Cannot use RS507 after SuperCab installed SPR23601




Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Symbol devices.


Operating System


Windows Mobile 6.5 OEM 41 for localized Korean, Japanese and Chinese OS.


Installation Requirements


Installation Instructions

SuperCab_WM65_Eastern_v1.2.ARM.CAB: Copy the file to the device and double click on it. Confirm for all overwrite suggestions. Device will be rebooted automatically when installation completed.

SuperCab_WM65_woBootEmbedded_Eastern_v1.2.ARM.CAB: Copy the file to the device and double click on it. Confirm for all overwrite suggestions. Cold boot the device manually after the installation completed.

Part Number and Release Date

March 15, 2013


·        MC9190 - Keypad press producing multiple characters - SPR 22429 – still opened for this release

·        If you previously had SuperCab_WM65_woBootEmbedded.ARM.CAB installed, you need to clean boot the device to have Fusion issue (23317) fixed