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MC9200 Operating System BSP 04.57.04 - Update Loader Image Release Notes


The MC92N0­G is Symbol’s Premium industrial rugged handheld for in­premise scan intensive applications and is the next evolution of the MC9190­G product – the best selling rugged mobile computer in the industry ­ designed for such markets as retail, manufacturing, wholesale distribution and third­party logistics where intensive bar­code scanning takes place. The MC92N0­G is a true systems­level mobility solution, not just a mobile computer. The solution encompasses not only the new MC92N0­G itself, but also software tools, accessories/peripherals and mobility services to provide a true end­to­end solution.

Update Loader Image v04.57.04 can be used to Upgrade the MC92 CE device having 03.54.02 or earlier versions and version 00.55.13.


  1. Operating System : CE 7.0
  2. CPU Speed OMAP4430 ES2.3 - 1 GHz
  3. RAM – 512MB/1GB
  4. Flash eMMC- 2GB
  5. External Agent v2.56
  6. Bluetooth: StoneStreetOne: BT Explorer 2.1.1 Build 28342
  7. IST  FW 1.13.0
  8. PTT/Team Express v1.1.71.0000

General Enhancement in 04.57.04

  1. QFE used : February 2016
  2. Fusion Radio SW Version (FCC compliant & Support for IEEE 802.11r-Fast Transition)
  3. DataWedge v3.7.16
  4. B2MClient (Elemez Version can be installed using \Windows\
  5. eMscript version 1.3.11
  6. Capture Dump version 3.2.2
  7. Wavelink TE v7.3.247

SPR Fixes

  1. SPR 25129 : Resolved an issue where the inner circle on the radio button after it is checked displays a solid square and not a solid circle.
  2. SPR 25939 : Resolved an isssue where C# Activated forms was not working on CE 7.0
  3. SPR 26471 : Resolved an issue where Kiosk Mode/full screen mode was not working in IE
  4. SPR 27173 : Resolved an issue where code page encodings in IE was missing
  5. SPR 27247 : Resolved an issue where the device shows extremely long delays in re-connecting once device resumes from suspend
  6. SPR 27387 : Resolved an issue where IE-Checkbox control does not render
  7. SPR 27572 : Resolved an issue where the audio doesn't get routed to headset when paired with wideband BT headset
  8. SPR 27607 : Resolved an issue where RS507 was experiencing a "3-sec delay" in scanning after 100+ scans
  9. SPR 27748 : Resolved a memory leak issue in the Scanner Module
  10. SPR 27864 : Resolved an issue where RS507 was not able to pair through Telnet client
  11. SPR 28299 : Resolved an issue where "Add to favorites" option was missing from IE
  12. SPR 28621 : Resolved an issue where registry is not getting merged  if the registry key contains semicolon in registry path.
  13. SPR 28648 : Resolved an issue where Custom URI scheme was not working in Windows CE 7
  14. SPR 28710 : Resolved an issue where SAP ITS server had authentication error
  15. SPR 28866 : Added SOTI MobiControl stage component
  16. SPR 28950 : Resolved an issue where application would hang after 10K iteration on Scan_Enable
  17. SPR 29021 : Resolved an issue where RED LED was not coming up during scanning
  18. SPR 29216 : Added board detection mechanism for improved beeper functionality.
  19. SPR 29299 : Resolved an issue where calibration data was not retained after warmboot
  20. SPR 29431 : Resolved an issue wherein Silent installation of certificate was not happening on all CE7.0 products
  21. SPR 29609 : Resolved an issue whereby msmq dlls was not compatible with CE7
  22. SPR 29652 : Resolved an issue wherein font setting in a .NET Compact Framework 3.5 application in Windows Embedded Compact 7 is changed unexpectedly
  23. SPR 29685 : Resolved an issue where screen scattering occurs while scrolling any applications in Remote Desktop Connection.


  • SPR 24711: RF Apps performance can be improved by setting the below registry key for the specific <Nic Adapter Name> like XWING, SMSC9500, RndisFn, AsyncMac, PPTP, L2TP, PPPOE, LANNDS

               [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\<NIC Adapter Name>\Parms\Tcpip]

  • To enable IE KIOSK feature reset the below registry keys to 0,

          [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]
        "Task Bar"=dword:00000000
        "Command Bar"=dword:00000000
        "Menu Bar"=dword:00000000


OSUpdate Package without Clean Application

OSUpdate Package with Clean Application


AirBeam Package without Clean Application


AirBeam Package with Clean Application


OS Hex Binary Image file

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Symbol devices.


Operating System


Windows CE7.0

Installation Requirements

MC92N0 terminal must contain released version of CE7.0 Software.

Installation Instructions

1. Unzip ZIP file and copy its content (OSUpdate folder) to the \Storage Card folder.

2.  Place the SD card in the device to be upgraded.

3.   Place the device to be upgraded on A/C power supply.

4.   Navigate to the \Storage Card\OSUpdate folder and invoke the 92N0c70Ben_SD shortcut.

5. The update will take about 3-4 minutes to complete.Please do not remove the device from A/C power during this time.


1. Unzip ZIP file and copy its content (OSUpdate folder) to the \temp folder.

2.  Place the device to be upgraded on A/C power supply.

3. Navigate to the \temp\OSUpdate folder and invoke the 92N0c70Ben_TEMP shortcut.

4. The update will take about 3-4 minutes to complete.Please do not remove the device from A/C power during this time.

Part Number and Release Date







June 01, 2016