MC9590 Operating System BSP 06.47.12 - Localized Release Notes


The Symbol MC9500­K raises the bar for premier rugged mobile computing, incorporating breakthrough ergonomic design and features to support the most demanding field mobility applications. Truly in a class of its own, this groundbreaking device is as different on the inside as it is on the outside. Building on Symbol's signature MC9000 Series, the MC9500­K delivers a more rugged design, more data capture options, application flexibility through customer­swappable keypads, more processing power and a game­changing approach to battery and backroom management ­ all in a lighter, sleeker and easier­to­use form factor.

MC95X0 BSP 06.47.12 SW release is based on the latest Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 Operating System and offers an enhanced user experience both in look and feel. This release supports 95X0 device with CMI display panels. It also supports Toshiba 1GB Nand Flash and the skus of both 128MB RAM/512 MB flash sku as well as the new extended memory sku which has 256MB RAM/1G flash as RevC release.Update Loader Image 06.47.12 contains the SW required to update an MC95X0 Premium device to the 06.47.12 software release.

This software is intended to be loaded and run on the MC95X0 Premium devices. It is important that care be taken to match the device configuration with the appropriate Update Loader package. If an incorrect Update Loader package is loaded, the device may fail to operate properly or even fail to boot.



General Enhancements in 06.47.12:

  • Microsoft ­ Windows Embedded Hand held ­ AKU 29344
  • SOTI Client MobiControl Stage Agent ­ v11.2.0 (Build­899) is integrated.
  • ReBranded Components:
    • Fusion ­ Version DataWedge ­ Verison 3.7.10
    • MaxDemo ­ Version 7.0.14
    • Airbeam ­ Version 7.08.80
    • MSP­ Version 7.08.77
    • RD Client ­ Version 7.08.77
    • BlueTooth Stone Street stack ­ Version 2.1.1 Build 28375 RTLog Manager
    • Splash Screen
    • emScript v1.3.5, CaptureDump
    • Rebranded IE default page.
    • PTT/Team Express v1.1.71.0000 is itegrated


SPR Fixes:

SPR26348 ­ Resolved an issue where in the device stops Packet exchange abruptly over time and Radio reset is required for recovery.


Known Issues:

Default Team Express Private call key is not mapped to any key. User must configure the key before starting the session


Known issues in the Windows Mobile Products:

By default Input panel applet is not displayed in Start­>Settings­>Personal page due to a known issue from Microsoft wherein the user will not be able to close the Input panel applet.

As a workaround if enabled, the applet can be closed using the "OK" button on the hard keyboard.

Remove the below registry entry and reboot, to display the "Input" applet under Settings\Personal page.

"Redirect"="" which is present in the following section: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ControlPanel\Input]



195x0w65HcpAB064712.APF       AirBeam Package without Clean

                                               Application.Chinese Simplified

295x0w65HcpAC064712.APF       AirBeam Package with Clean

                                               Application.Chinese Simplified        UpdateLoader Package with Clean

                                               Application.Chinese Simplified        UpdateLoader Package without Clean

                                               Application.Chinese Simplified

595x0w65HctAB064712.APF        AirBeam Package Traditional without Clean

                                               Application.Chinese Traditional

695x0w65HctAC064712.APF        AirBeam Package with Clean

                                               Application.Chinese Traditional         UpdateLoader Package with Clean

                                               Application.Chinese Traditional          UpdateLoader Package without Clean

                                               Application.Chinese Traditional

995x0w65HdeAB064712.APF        AirBeam Package without Clean


1095x0w65HdeAC064712.APF       AirBeam Package with Clean

                                                Application.German        UpdateLoader Package with Clean

                                                Application.German         UpdateLoader Package without Clean


1395x0w65HfrAB064712.APF        AirBeam Packagewithout Clean


1495x0w65HfrAC064712.APF        AirBeam Package  with Clean

                                                Application.French        Package with Clean

                                                Application.French         UpdateLoader Package without

                                                Clean Application.French

1795x0w65HitAB064712.APF        AirBeam Package without Clean


1895x0w65HitAC064712.AP         FAirBeam Package with Clean

                                               Application.Italian        UpdateLoader Package with Clean

                                               Application.Italian        UpdateLoader Package without Clean


2195x0w65HjpAB064712.APF        AirBeam Package  without Clean


2295x0w65HjpAC064712.APF        AirBeam Package  with Clean

                                                Application.Japanese        UpdateLoader Package with Clean

                                                Application.Japanese UpdateLoader        UpdateLoaderPackage without

                                                Clean Application.Japanese

2595x0w65HkoAB064712.APF       AirBeam Packagewithout Clean



2695x0w65HkoAC064712.APF       AirBeam Package with Clean

                                                 Application.Korean         UpdateLoader Package with

                                                  Clean Application.Korean          UpdateLoader Package with Clean



2995x0w65HsiAB064712.APF           Package without Clean


3095x0w65HsiAC064712.APF           AirBeam Package  with Clean

                                                    Application.Spanish            UpdateLoaderPackage  with Clean

                                                   Application.Spanish            UpdateLoader Package without

                                                   Clean Application.Spanish





Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Symbol devices.


Operating System


Windows Mobile 6.5 Classic


Installation Requirements

MC95X0 device must contain a released version of WM6.5 Software.


Installation Instructions


IMPORTANT NOTES FOR Upgrading and Downgrading MC959x Device to/from BSP47 (v06.47.12) RevF

Upgrading to v06.47.12 RevF SW:

· If your device is running BSP27 (v2.27.08) / BSP37 (v3.37.02)/BSP41 (v4.41.03)/BSP41 (v4.41.04)/BSP47 (v5.47.02) Windows Mobile 6.5, you can simply use the BSP47 (RevF SW v06.47.12) Update Loader package to update from BSP27/BSP35/BSP41 to BSP47 (v06.47.12).

· If your device is running BSP19 (v1.19.11), you must first update your device to the released version of BSP27 (v2.27.08). Once the device is running BSP27, you can then perform the update to BSP47 (v06.47.12).


Downgrading to BSP47v05.47.02/ BSP41.04/BSP41.03/BSP37/BSP27/BSP19:

· If your device is having CPLD 5.02 then it is a Old Main Board device having CMI display. This device is not allowed to downgrade to 04.41.03 or earlier Image.

(Go to System Info Applet on the device to find the CPLD Version : Start­>Settings­>System­>"System Info" Applet­>"HW Version". For OLD Main Board CPLD ver:5.02)

· If your device was manufactured before Dec 1,2012 and your device has 256MB RAM/LG Display , you are only permitted to downgrade to BSP47(v5.47.02), BSP41(v4.41.04,4.41.03)/BSP37(v3.37.02)/BSP27(v2.27.08)

(Go to System Info Applet on the device to find the RAM size: Start­>Settings­>System­>"System Info" Applet­>"Misc" Page)

(Go to System Info Applet on the device to find the Display Id: Start­>Settings­>System­>"System Info" Applet­>"Display" Page. For CMI­>PJ037PD,For LG­>LH370V01).

· If your device was manufactured on or after Dec 1,2012 and your device has CMI Display, you WOULD NOT be able to Downgrade to BSP37(v3.37.02) / BSP27 (v2.27.08) / BSP19 (1.19.11).


(DO NOT Downgrade MC95xx devices built on or after Dec 2012 with the new CMI display to BSP37 (v3.37.02), BSP27 (v2.27.08), BSP19 (1.19.11) since these BSPs do not have support for CMI display).

(Go to System Info Applet on the device to find the Display Id: Start­>Settings­>System­>"System Info" Applet­>"Display" Page. For CMI­>PJ037PD,For LG­>LH370V01).


· If your device has 128MB RAM and running with BSP47 (v06.47.12), you are permi��ed to downgrade to BSP47(v5.47.02), BSP41(v4.41.04,4.41.03)/BSP37(v3.37.02), BSP27(v2.27.08) and BSP19 (v1.19.11). However, if you want to downgrade to BSP19 (v1.19.11), you must first downgrade to BSP27 (v2.27.08) before performing the downgrade to BSP19 (v1.19.11).

(Go to System Info Applet on the device to find the RAM size: Start‐>Settings‐>System‐>"System Info" Applet‐>"Misc"



Part Number and Release Date




































31 August 2015