MC959B Operating System BSP 5.19.50 Release Notes


The newest addition to Symbol's premium­class MC9500 series, the MC959B provides the flexibility to enterprise organizations that need true WAN technology independence. The MC959B offers a dual on­board user­selectable modem that enables enterprises to activate the device on both GSM HSUPA and CDMA EVDO Rev A networks and change cellular networks to the carrier of choice. Designed to improve operational efficiencies with its industry­leading ruggedness and superior ergonomics, the MC9500 series of mobile computer, including the new MC959B, offers an unsurpassed feature set in a sleek and reliable form factor for enterprises demanding the most versatile and rugged solutions. In addition to an advanced ergonomic design, the MC9500 series also features a portfolio of modular, swappable keypads that meet the needs of virtually any application.

The MC959B BSP 05.19.50 software release provides additional features and bug fixes as outlined below.


General Enhancements in 05.19.50:

  • Microsoft ­ Windows Embedded Hand held ­ AKU 20963
  • SOTI Client MobiControl Stage Agent ­ v11.2.0 (Build­899) is integrated.
  • ReBranded Components:
    • Fusion ­ Version 
    • MaxDemo ­ Version 7.0.14
    • Airbeam ­ Version 7.08.80
    • MSP­ Version 7.08.77
    • RD Client ­ Version 7.08.77
    • BlueTooth Stone Street stack ­ Version 2.1.1 Build 28375 
    • RTLog Manager
    • Splash Screen
    • emScript v1.3.5, CaptureDump
    • Rebranded IE default page.

SPR Fixes:

  • SPR23842 ­ Resolved an issue where in GobiActivation.exe does not run in a silent mode using command line argument.
  • SPR23994 ­ Resolved an issue where in Scanner Illumination goes off after 5 to 10 scans with Picklist on.
  • SPR27245 ­ Resolved an issue where in SDcard was unmounting on battery swap.
  • SPR25317 / 26402 ­ Resolved an issue where in Wi­Fi adapter is reset after getting connected to WLAN network and placed in cradle.
  • SPR26348 ­ Resolved an issue where in the device stops Packet exchange abruptly over time and Radio reset is required for recovery.


1. ­ UpdateLoader Package without Clean Application.

2. ­ UpdateLoader Package with Clean Application.

3.  95xBw61HenAB051950.APF ­ AirBeam Pacakge without Clean Application.

4.  95xBw61HenAC051950.APF ­ AirBeam Pacakge with Clean Application.

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Symbol devices.


Operating System


Windows Mobile 6.1

Installation Requirements

· MC959B device must contain release version of WM6.1 v01.19.39 or v02.19.41 or v03.19.44 or v04.19.46

· Note: For customers performing a Modular WAN upgrade to MC959B i.e. swapping out their MC9596/MC9598 Modular WAN board and installing the MC959B WAN board­the device must first have MC9596/MC9598 BSP 02.27.08 software or later installed.

Installation Instructions


If your device has CMI display don't downgrade to 3.19.44 or earlier images since those BSPs do not have support for CMI display. To determine if your device has the CMI display, go to Start­>Settings­>System­

>"System Info" Applet­>"Display". For the CMI display it will show as PJ037PD Installation instructions can be included here if required.

1. See INSTRUCTIONS.TXT in update loader zip file download.

Part Number and Release Date






14 August 2015