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SB1 Operating System CE 6.0 BSP v03.01.45 - PTT Express 1.2.9 (SPR 30601) Release Notes


SPR 30601 - SB1 PTT Express Update. This fix is applicable on top of SB1 Rev C BSP (v03.01.45)


Version 1.2.9:

  •       SPR 30601 - Added PTT Express client v1.2.9 support.
  •       SPR 28380 - PTT Express 1.2 hangs after 12 hours scheduled coldboot on SB1 device.
  •       PTT settings are not taking effect when settings are pushed via Airwatch.
  •       Group Call onscreen key is displayed at the left corner when Private call is disabled.
  •       PTT settings pushed via MSP are not taking effect.
  •       Keys remapping of GC/PC when reassigned to other operations are not working.
  •       Not able to make a group call from home channel after changing channels to alternative channels.
  •       Not able to Make a GC After changing the channel manually via GUI.

Version 1.2.8:

  •       Screen gets locked up when PTT is disabled thru UI with disablePTTClient option as true.
  •       Able to make a GC/PC in PTT disable mode.
  •       Private Call (PC) is continuing even after releasing the PC button.

Version 1.2.7:

  •       Copyright should be along with build and should not change depending on device date.
  •       Audio drop out is seen when 'noise reduction' Option is set to true.
  •       Updates are not getting reflected on the device when changed ptt_settings.xml is pushed into the device.
  •       GC/PC Audio is not clear when noiseReduction option is set to true.


SPR30601_SB1_C60_en_030145_v1_0.apf  (APF to update new PTT client)

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Zebra devices,

Device      Operating System      BSP Version
SB1 Windows CE 6.0 v03.01.45

Installation Requirements

SB1 device must contain a released version of CE 6.0

Installation Instructions

For MSP or REMOTE installation of the PATCH:

1.     Upload the "SPR30601_SB1_C60_en_030145_v1_0.apf" package into MSP server.

2.     Create a bundle using the "SPR30601_SB1_C60_en_030145_v1_0.apf" package.

3.     Create a staging profile using "SPR30601_SB1_C60_en_030145_v1_0.apf" bundle.

4.     Generate PDF barcode.

5.     Scan barcode using RD Client utility from device to deploy the package.

6.     Once the package is successfully deployed on the device, terminal will do a reboot.



Voice Client Status Page:

  • Voice Client status will not auto update, if PTT Express Service is enabled/disabled by modifying ptt_settings.xml directly. Please go back to previous and come to Voice Client Status Page again to see updated value.

Talk Group Page:

  • User cannot change Talk Group from this page. There is no action taken on click
  • Talk Group Display will not update when user changes Talk Group via hard button
  • You have to go back to previous and come again to Talk Group page to see updated value

About Page:

  •       Version string is updated to match to PTT Express 1.2 version.


Part Number and Release Date


December, 2016