SB1 CE 6.0 - Hot Fix BSP v63.01.46 - SPR 30410 Release Notes


This Hot Fix BSP v63.01.46 is based on BSP v03.01.45


SPR 30410 - OSUpdate using FTPS fails with error message INSUFFICIENT DEVICE MEMORY.

Note: If you upgrade v03.01.45 from v01.01.27, v02.01.36, v02.01.39, v03.01.45 over the air using FTPS, the upgrade will fail. Please use v63.01.46 in this case.



Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following Zebra devices:

Device Operating System BSP Version
SB1 Windows CE 6.0 v03.01.45

Installation Requirements

SB1 device must contain a released version of CE 6.0

Installation Instructions

For MSP or REMOTE installation of the PATCH:

1.     Upload the "TSDxc60AenAB630146.apf" package into MSP server.

2.     Create a bundle using the "TSDxc60AenAB630146.apf" package.

3.     Create a staging profile using "TSDxc60AenAB630146.apf" bundle.

4.     Generate PDF barcode.

5.     Scan barcode using RD Client utility from device to deploy the package.

6.     Once the package is successfully deployed on the device, terminal will do a reboot.

Part Number and Release Date



January, 2017