TC55 GSM (Non-GMS) FIPS V2.68G Update Image Release Notes


TC55 is a ruggedized device based on Android for the enterprise market that blends the capabilities of a smart phone with those of a traditional enterprise PDA. 

TC55 has a number of enterprise-grade features, including a touch-screen that can be used with gloves, support for stylus input for signatures, barcode capture capability and IP67 rating for dust and water protection.

It also features Zebra Extensions (MX) to make the Android operating system more enterprise ready, with security enhancements and hooks for device management tools, and is designed for a longer lifecycle than the typical smart phone.

TC55 is designed in response to customer feedback from using consumer-grade smart phones in the workplace, especially with the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, where employees use their own choice of device for work.

With TC55 the workers can capture practically any type of data — from bar codes and signatures to photos, videos and NFC — improving on the job efficiency and customer service. The screen is optimized for Enterprise viewing, helping ensure the battery lasts a full shift. 

And with a drop, tumble and environmental sealing specification you can count on, it has the durability required to serve your field workers for years.

This SW release contains TC55 Android KitKat Rebranded SW version offering new advanced features, increasing operation performance for the customer satisfaction.


  1. Android KitKat  4.4.3
  2. Kernel 3.4.0 
  3. DataWedge v 3.1.29
  4. Scanning Framework v5.46.1
  5. MX.v4.4.4
  7. RIL 1.0.10
  8. Modem 20015326.48
  9. MSP v07.08.85
  10. SOTI client v12.1.0 Build 23469
  11. StageNow v
  12. SimulScan v1.11.1
  13. EMDK 3.1.38

General Enhancements/Fixes

  1. Added support for Toshiba A15nm eMMC (Flash Memory)
  2. Added Backrev prevention logic to avoid KK 02.65 build and earlier OS releases on TC55 with A15nm eMMC memory
  3. Data Analytics version is updated to
  4. SPR30769/SPR30839 resolved an issue where the device reboots at random
  5. Resolved an issue where the devices with no scanner will not auto suspend when idle
  6. Integrated widevine drm plugin to fix the widevine media GTS failures;


  1. – TC55 KK GMS OS Recovery Update package
  2. - TC55 KK GMS ETSI OS Recovery Update package for JB customers migrating to KK. This will preserve the Enterprise Partition & ETSI WLAN Power table
  3. - TC55 KK GMS FCC OS Recovery Update package for JB customers migrating to KK. This will preserve the Enterprise Partition & FCC WLAN Power table
  4. T55N0KXXVAUEN268.apf – TC55 KK GMS OS Airbeam package for MSP deployment
  5. ETSIT55N0KAUEN268.apf - TC55 KK GMS ETSI OS Airbeam package for MSP deployment
  6. FCCT55N0KAUEN268.apf - TC55 KK GMS FCC OS Airbeam package for MSP deployment


a.     Visual Voice Mail (VVM) is not supported for all carriers.

b.      Enterprise Enabler is not needed for TC55 KK OS.

c.     Once upgraded to KK, downgrade to JB is not supported.

d.     Rollback packages cannot be flashed on TC55 terminals with A15nm eMMC hardware.

Device Compatibility

This software release has been approved for use with the following devices

SKU supported:


Installation Requirements


This SW is intended for the FIPS TC55AH devices


Installation Instructions

For upgrading from older version of KK

  1. – TC55 KK Non-GMS OS Recovery Update package 
    • Connect the USB cable from your PC to the device and enable USB mass storage mode on the device.
    • On your PC you should see an internal and SD card (if SD card is present) appears in the File Explorer and copy the recovery update zip file to any storage. 
    • Press and hold on the device the Power button,  Scan/Action button  and Vol+ until the screen is turned OFF
    • Release the Power and Scan/Action buttons and continue to hold Vol+ button
    • The device should enter to Recovery update mode
    • Release Vol+.
    • Click on Vol+ or Vol- to navigate and select appropriated storage 
    • Click on on Scan/Action button to select the option 
    • Click on Vol+ or Vol- to navigate to the recovery update zip file
    • Click on on Scan/Action button to select the recovery update zip file
    • Reboot the device
  2. – TC55 KK Non-GMS Factory Reset recovery package – Use only if you want to wipe Data and Enterprise partition
  3. If after the update,Wi-Fi radio will not turn on,apply WLAN Region file Recovery update per Country Region – see the table below (not required for TC55 KitKat devices out of factory)

Country Group (Region) 

Country Codes

WLAN Region File








Puerto Rico,



American Virgin Island,






Cayman Islands,






Mariana Islands,



Dutch Antilles,






Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba,



St Maarten,





  1. MSP OS package update

Please refer Mobility Service Platform deployment guide for instruction for the deployment of the following files:

1.     TC55 KK Non-GMS OS Airbeam package

Part Number and Release Date

1.     T55N0KF0VRUEN268

2.     T55N0KF0VAUEN268

3.     T55N0KF0VREEN268

4.     T55N0KF0VRFEN268

5.     T55N0KF0VAEEN268

6.     T55N0KF0VAFEN268


November, 2016